Treasure Hunt | October

Thursday, 10 November 2016

I'm sorry this is so late, I've been having loads of trouble with the lighting in my room and the darker nights, I still hate this photo but it's the best on of the bunch trust me. Hopefully I will figure out how to shoot properly in a dimly lit room but until then you'll have to deal with shitty photographs, sorry! Here are the treasures I collected over the month of October:

1. New Look Green Scarf 

I have a tradition where I buy a new scarf every year at the student lock-in and this one's a corker. I love the colour so much and I think it really matches my hair and my eyes, love a good dark green tone in autumn!

2. Home Inspiration Apple and Cinnamon Yankee Candle 

I started burning this in the beginning of September and I am not ashamed, I just love the smell of cinnamon. You can burn it for only half an hour and it will completely fill the room and the landing and the staircase, full of cinnamon goodness. There's something nostalgic about this scent I think it's just that I've been burning these kind of candles around Christmas for a long time and they give me good memories and a nice warm feeling.

3. Marc Jacobs - Decadence 

 I first smelled this perfume when I was in Glasgow and I loved it. I didn't think I would be able to buy it though because I thought it would have been cruelly made.I Googled the brand out of curiosity and found that Marc Jacobs is actually cruelty free and has stopped shipping their products to China, yassss I could have that glorious smell in my life! I've never purchased a perfume for myself before and felt a bit guilty for the amount of money I was spending on it, but I needed to treat myself that month and I also bought it on discount at the student lock in and now I can smell glorious all through the winter. It's much sweeter than I first thought, especially when it's been settled on the skin for a few hours, I think it's definitely got hints of vanilla but then it's also got spicy undertones which I think I smelled at first and made me attracted to it. It's a very 'grown up' scent and it's just that fancy touch you need if you're going out somewhere special and I absolutely adore the bottle, it's like a lil' handbag, so cute and classy at the same time.


4. Whole Earth Crunchy Organic Peanut Butter 

This stuff! I think I prefer this to Meridian actually and it's much cheaper. I've been enjoying this with my morning porridge and then for a snack on toast with jam (yes the Americans definitely have a thing going with P&J). I've found out that I actually prefer crunchy because you get more bite in it and it's much more solid to eat from the jar, which I do a lot!

5. NYX Liquid Suede Lipstick in Shade 04 Soft Spoken 

NYX was another cosmetics brand that I stayed away from because I always thought it was cruel. When the NYX hype came out I was so jealous that I couldn't join in, all the shades looked gorgeous. The same day I googled Marc Jacobs out of curiosity, I also Googled NYX and it turns out that they two have just changed their policy about shipping to China and they were already cruelty free to begin with. I bought this lipstick the next day and I haven't had it off my lips, it's a great shade for pale skin and I have had a lot of compliments about it, I've also been told it's a great dupe for a Kylie shade or whatever,I don't know. It is a little drying especially now the weather has gone colder, but it stays on the lips all day and I sometimes don't even have to re-apply after food and drink, unless it's a glass of wine and a takeaway!

6. Lidl Caffeine Free Peppermint Tea 

I never truly explored minty tea until this summer and I always stayed away from peppermint because I thought I didn't like the taste. But now I have about 4 cups everyday, I like what it does to my body, I feel nice afterwards; warm, energised and regular (because it's great for stomachs and indigestion) it's become part of my routine now and I think I would definitely feel a change in my body if I stopped drinking it. 

Things I couldn't photograph:

7. Tesco Free From Chocolate Cookies 

Couldn't photograph them because I inevitably ate them all. They taste like what I remember Marylands tasting like, the chocolate doesn't taste fake or plasticy and the cookie is lovely and solid, best for dipping into, lets say, peppermint tea!

8. Freeks and Geeks

I've spoken about it before so I wont bore you but I just loved this program and the characters and the aesthetic, I just wish they're made a second season, I wanted to see Sam Weir's senior year epic face pulling!

9. Easy 

Again, spoken about it before but I just loved this show. It was so simple and so grounded, it covered a lot of different non-hetero relationships which I liked a lot. I especially love the 'Vegan Cinderella' episode, because there was a lot of relatable stuff about veganism. I also like the fact that Dave Franco was in two episodes, that was a nice surprise. The characters were warming, the script was hilarious and the plots were realistic, if you've watched too much Black Mirror or some intense drama, this is the show for you for some light relief.

10. Black Mirror

Speak of the devil and it will actually appear. This season of Black Mirror was (dare I say it) the best so far, it touched upon subjects that are so relavent now and some shook me to my core which is hard for a program to do these days. Charlie Brooker is genius end of.


Gaga came back into my life with a big ol' western pastel pink YEEEE HAHHHH and I bloody love it! I love how she's literally covered nearly every genre now and she can just fit her style into any one. I've been listening to this album for a long time now and every listen it grows on me more and more, she just needs to go on tour now. 

That was lengthy, I didn't realise how many treasures I gathered in October, it was a busy ol' month I don't know where I fitted the time in to buy things!

What was your favourite treasure?




  1. I am a huge fan of Whole Earth Peanut Butter, the seeded one is great too if you wanted something a bit different. S x