A Christmas House Tour

Saturday, 17 December 2016


We went all out this year with our decorating, mainly because we threw our annual Christmas jumper house party. We got lights, lanterns, the lot and we even got a Christmas tree this year, a proper one. His name is Bertie and we have made a bond that cannot be broken, I don't know how I'm going to say goodbye to him. My room was already partially Christmassy because of my fairy lights I have all year round, but I added a few more touches like more lights, just more lights actually. It's kind of like Stranger Things in my room right now, Will?!

 I think my Ravenclaw scarf adds another Christmassy/wintery touch and the Christmas cards I'm currently getting from work will decorate my shelf soon enough, but the real Christmas vibes come from my living room:

Look at the silveriness', just look at it! We accidentally bought cool lights so it does look a little like Narnia in our house at the moment and if you do sit there for a long amount of time it can make you feel pretty chilly, but it's okay because The Snow Queen lives here *evil chilly laughter*. 

Isn't Bertie fabulous! We have a nice blue and copper theme and seems as my housemate's a dancer we have a few of her ballerina decorations on there as well. We also have another tree on our windowsill that we've had since 1st year, it's a bit battered but it has a lot of sentimental value to us and we still don't know which one of us is taking it home. We might just leave it here for the next students to live in this house. 

That's my house tour, it's not too Christmassy but it's just enough to feel in the festive spirit, it's nice and cosy and we're going to be really sad to take it all down. Maybe we wont take it down, maybe the Christmas vibes might help us get through our dissertations, now that's a plan. 

How have you decorated this Christmas?

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