A Love Affair with Pinterest

Friday, 16 December 2016

I made a Pinterest in September after both Gareth and Emily told me I need one and I'de love it. And now I am literally obsessed, tumbr has fallen to the way-side and instead I'm pinning things like there's no tomorrow! My favourite thing to do on Pinterest is look at pictures of things I want my life to be like in the future, especially houses and interior design, I even have a board that is called 'When I have a  Garden' because I think it would be helpful when I purchase a house with a beautiful garden. My friends think I've gone crazy and I have too many pins but my pin boards make me happy and they aren't doing any harm so I don't see why I can't make a board called 'Duvet Day' with just pictures of people being comfortable in bed, no judging okay? Here are a few of my favourite pin boards:

Anxious Days  - As you probably know from a few of my posts by now, I suffer with anxiety quite a lot and when I'm having bad days I refer to this pin board which is filled with inspiration and advice. I also make sure it is extremely colourful and bright so just clicking on it can lift my spirits. Some of the best anxiety advice (apart from my therapist) I've found on Pinterest, which makes me love it even more!

Autumn Here We Come - I started making this board early September when I couldn't wait for it to be autumn, it's filled with pretty pictures mostly shot in America and it even contains some of my own photos I took in autumn.

Pre-Raphaelites - A board dedicated to my favourite art movement. The Pre-Raphaelites give me a lot of inspiration and on my good days, I sometimes feel like I could be in one of those paintings. My red headed sistas'!

Style - I like to pin pictures of people wearing clothes I can't afford to buy and also piercings and tattoos I would love one day.

Cosy Minimalism - My most favourite pin board and the one with the most pins. I am a developing minimalist and once I get my hands on my own house I want to kit it out with the perfect balance of minimalism and cosiness because cosiness is important. Sometimes minimalism can look a little too clinical and adding a blanket and warm lights into the mix is all you need.

Food Goodness - A board dedicated to recipes I need to try out and probably never will.

Yeah my Pinterest is varied and weird but I just love it, think I've made too many boards now though, I can't keep up!
What do you like to pin?


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