A Not So Blue Monday

Monday, 5 December 2016

These past few weeks have been so busy, I've barely had time to even look back. But now I'm doing blogmas I have no excuse for my Monday posts no matter how swamped I am with Uni work. Here are the things that have made me particularly happy this week:

- Cute Coffee Shops - My Mum came up to do some Christmas shopping and we went to our usual place for a cuppa and a bite to eat. The I Love Cafe is a lovely coffee shop tucked away from the crazy town centre and is a perfect place to get away from the hoards of Christmas shoppers. I ordered a tomato, spinach and red onion chutney pannini and it was so yummy. I also got a soy hot chocolate and it came in the most adorable mug. I always forget about this little cafe because it's so tucked away, but I will probably be there a lot on the run up to Christmas, that hot chocolate was wonderful.  

- My New Plant - Lidl had a plant sale and I couldn't resist, her name is Bertha and she is fabulous. I covered her in Christmas lights and now she brightens up the darkest corner of my room, cheers Bertha lass.

- Jessica Jones - I started watching it last week and although it's taken me a while to get into it, I'm really enjoying it now. The plot is much thicker than I expected and there are so many feminist themes running around. David Tennant steals the show though, he's absolutely brilliant at being evil, even better than Barrrrrty Crouch...Jr! Also his power is really simple but so effective for a villain, absolutely terrifying at some points.

What I have been listening to:

The Black Mirror Soundtrack - San Junipero - One of my favourite Black Mirror episodes and the score is so beautiful. It's perfect to listen to while doing work and it has gone straight onto my 'study' playlist, all of it.

How was your Monday?

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