Christmas Baths & Favourite Bath Bombs

Saturday, 10 December 2016

Can we just first appreciate how lovely these bags are I'm definitely going to frame this special edition one, it's just too pretty to throw away! There's nothing better after a long day of serving Christmas shoppers to run a hot bath, grab your most recent NME magazine and plonk yourself in that wonderful array of colourful water. Lush have been my favourite cruelty free beauty store and I absolutely love their bath bombs and bubble bars, especially around Christmas time. I have my favourites though, some I've loved for years and some only came out last year or the year before. I've made a list of the bath bombs and bubble bars I reach for the most around Christmas time:

So White - My favourite bath bomb ever. If they sold this all year round I would be a right happy bunny, I just love the smell of it, the refreshing apple is perfect to regenerate your tired limbs after a long and cold day. I've heard that they've changed it up a bit this year and added something special which I'm excited for, just as long as they've kept the same wondrous smell. 

Peeping Santa - This bubble bar is so cute and it's probably the sweetest on this list. It smells of strawberries and it makes glorious strawberry bubbles and the butter inside is so soothing for your skin and adds a little bit of luxury. 

- The Magic of Christmas - This bubble bar is my favourite Christmas bubble bar, it just smells like full on Christmas. Like Christmas has slapped you in the face with a massive cinnamon stick and a star anise, POW CHRISTMAS! It also is the bubble bar that goes the furthest, if you're on a budget this one will give you around 6 baths before completely dissolving. I tend to reach for the ones that are reusable because you know, student life and that. Also it creates the most amazing bubbles and turns your bath a dramatic orange. 

- Shoot for the Stars -The bath bomb in the photo above. This bath bomb has had a makeover but it's still wonderful. The stars inside are actually cocoa butter and they melt in your bath to create a much more luxurious feeling on your body. This bath bomb is perfect for a full on pamper night, I'm saying like 3 hours in the bath with a glass of wine and a magazine. 

There are obviously others, but these are the bath bombs and bubble bars I reach for the most when Christmas comes a long. There's nothing better than a Lush bath in my opinion.

What's your favourite Christmas bath bomb/bubble bar?


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