Christmas Wrapping

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

I always try and make an effort with my wrapping but it always tends to go a little bit wrong. Partially because I'm a pretty terrible wrapper (I always cut off too much and then can't get nicely cut corners so I disguise it with string) and partially because I get bored half way through or run out of accessories to cover up my bad wrapping skills. But this year I have tried to go all out with a nice minimalist style and I like the way they have turned out, even though you can't see the shit tonne of sellotape on the other side!

It's just going to get ripper off on Christmas day anyway! 
What's your wrapping style?



  1. I think your wrapping looks fab and no one really looks at the underside of presents anyway, right!? (mine are laden with sellotape too) I love how the string makes them look really rustic and charming + I'm almost certain I have that holly wrapping paper too!

    1. Aw thanks so much I did try my hardest, sellotape is the way to go hahaha and good ol' Wilkos for the wrapping paper!