Dear November...

Sunday, 4 December 2016

November you've been a busy month, like exceptionally busy, but  I am in no way complaining. Although this month has been scary and un-certain for everybody I believe there is no more of a crucial time to enjoy the little things. Yes this month has been hard politically, culturally, economically, but looking at life personally and intimately really allows us to find the positives and the things that will keep us going. November, you contain a lot of those little things.  

You began with a trip to Northampton, I went down to see my best friend Emily and meet all of her friends and party pretty hard (I stayed up for 24 hours to dance to the 1975, so much so I ended up just sitting on the floor without realising). We also managed to squeeze in a trip to The Warner Bros HP Studio Tour which was as magical as my first visit and there were new things and extras for Fantastic Beasts which was very exciting. It was so lovely to experience the wizarding world with my bestest' in the world and seems as we're both witches we felt right at home. I held her hand when we went around that corner to see Hogwarts, we cried together and we also facetimed Gareth so he wasn't left out, friendship right there. Northampton was amazing and I had so much fun meeting so many like-minded, lovely people that I now call my long distance friends and I can't wait to go back. 

2 Days after Northampton I went to Newcastle to see Jack Garratt, he was amazing and I would probably say is now one of my top three gigs I've been to, apart from the fact he didn't sing Chemical but he did do an out-of-this-world cover/mash up of Justin Timberlake and Craig David. The way he moves live is almost animatronic and you can tell he has rehearsed and worked his arse off to be there and although he's now doing arena gigs, he is still such a funny, humble human bean'. 

After Jack Garratt it was time to delve into Uni work and all things fun like presentations that make your knees buckle and dissertations whose first lit review is due after Christmas AFTER CHRISTMAS (I'm fine, really). Although I had a lot on at Uni I still managed to fit some socialising in here and there, this being in the form of getting drunk at 2 in the afternoon after said knee-buckling presentation #studentlyf (I'm fine, really). 

Even though this month was so busy I still managed to fit in a trip to Preston which was much needed and much nice. I got to meet some of Gareth's new friends and chill out in his minimalist bedroom surrounded by plants and I surprised him with tickets to see Fantastic Beasts (which; can I just say was bloody amazing and everything I hoped it would be)  And I also got to meet his new hamster Marjory, yes my boyfriend has a hamster called Marjory and she's so tiny and wonderful. Also, unlike last year I didn't have a breakdown in the train station hurrayyy, I don't think I even cried. This leads me to a comparison of last year's November when said breakdown occurred, my mental health was starting to be at an all-time low and I was in a pretty miserable situation, everything was getting on top of me and I was just about to ask for professional help, I didn't make one of these posts last year because I just didn't want to remember it, but now when I look back I can be happy because I'm on top of the world at the moment, my anxiety has really calmed itself down and I'm really happy with my course (although it is giving me stress it's healthy stress) and where I live. I even managed to go to my work's Christmas party and actually have genuine fun feeling relaxed I also won a bottle of whiskey in the raffle, now there's a silver lining if ever I've seen one.  

You've been the best November and I've enjoyed every second, even though you were jam packed I managed to keep my head above water and I am proud of myself for the balancing act I have done, thank you so much for some great experiences and memories and at least I can read this back and smile and forget about the November before you. I'll see you next year for more amazing times. 

How was your November?



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