PM Winter Routine

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

On Sunday I revealed my rather lackadaisical AM winter routine. In the true spirit of symmetry I have decided to write about my PM winter routine because why not, it's much lazier than my morning one, if that's even possible. Also I do apologise for these photos, I know they aren't my best but honestly the lighting in my room at night is ridiculous!

21.00 - Have a shower or bath, probably a bath because I'm probably really bloody cold and freezing my tits off in my -10,000°C student house. I tend to light candles and read the latest NME magazine, then I'll clean my teeth and apply some really nice body butter/lotion.

22.00 - Boil the kettle and make a sleepy tea. This particular one is a loose leaf tea from Tiger which contains a shit load of ginger, it nearly blew my head off! Nice though, especially for this time of year with loads of colds going around and things.

22.10 - Take my makeup off with my Lush 9to5 cleanser and moisturise with my full of grace oil based serum bar, which has completely shrank into tiny bits but it's still great for all those red cheeked gals' out there! I'll then plait my hair and get into my pyjamas.

22.30 - Probably watch a Tv Series and do a bit of drawing. Probably something quite light like How I met Your Mother or New Girl. 

23.00 - Read through a few blog posts and then watch some Youtube videos. I've recently been quite bad and watched people's Vlogmasses until 2 in the morning, there's just so much to get through and once you've watched one you want to watch them all! Vlogmas is always the reason I don't do a lot of work, but seems as this year I can't really procrastinate anymore because you know, third year, I have to watch them all in the evening and that's a lengthy process!

00.00/02.00 - Read my book, at the moment I'm reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin as research for my dissertation.

00.30/02.30 - Eventually go to sleep with some help from my rain app or some other form of mindfulness or meditation (I'm not a good sleeper as you can probably tell).

How lazy was that?! 
Does your evening routine change in the winter?




  1. This sounds so perfect to me! I love the sound of the tea, I need that in my life right now!

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    1. It was honestly like £2 for a huge bag in Tiger, it's delish!