Songs for // December

Friday, 23 December 2016

This month I haven't really been listening to anything new. Instead I've been walking to work and pairing my bus journeys with some classic Christmas songs. Well if there is a month to listen to my amazing Christmas playlist it's this one and this one only, so I need to take in all that Christmas cheer while I can before the January Blues playlist arrives again. Here are a few of the tunes I've been listening to non-stop on my Christmas playlist: 

It's not all Michael Buble and Mariah I have a few lesser known Christmas tunes on here as well not to mention all of the Christmas Harry Potter Soundtracks, John Williams doesn't half put a spring in your step on your way to work at 7 in the morning! I also have one of my favourite underrated and subtle Christmas songs on here Christmas TV by Slow Club. I found it a few years a go and fell in love with it and the story, the lyrics are adorable. I also have some more calm, acoustic sounding Christmas songs on here as well, Christmas Quiet by Tom Rosenthal and all of Gavin James' Christmas album which I've mentioned on here before, I like a calming Christmas songs I do. 
I also have the cheesy favourites on there as well, nothing like a bit of Wham and East 17 and of course The Pogues. I also have the most badass tune by The Waitresses where you can unleash your inner girl power whilst wrapping your Christmas presents. And last but not least I have the heavier, more rocky tunes with the likes of The Darkness, The Ramones and The Wombats because I do love a more alternative Christmas song now and again.


I could go on but you get the idea, I've been listening to a lot of Christmas tunes in December because why not. You don't just have to force them upon yourself when you go shopping, you can listen to them in your own home and on the bus as well, yeyyyy Christmas!

What have you been listening to this December?