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Saturday, 3 December 2016

I've got quite a hefty mixture of music from this month. A lot of variation and some are pretty strange, but hear me out they're all pretty awesome tunes:

I've always been attracted to James Arthur's voice, ever since he was on the dreaded Xfactor. His new album is pretty pleasing to the ears and as soon as I heard his new single Say You Won't Let Go I new I would love his new, cutback sound. Safe Inside is a deep ballad about worry and anxiety for another person, I relate to it a lot and I'm not ashamed to say that I shed a lil' tear when I first heard it.

When I went to see Jack Garratt this band called Seramic supported him and at first I didn't really dig their sound but then I heard the singer blast out this tune and the backing singers were amazing, it's very funkalicious' and it makes me dance like crazy! 

Paper Kites popped up on my 'discover weekly' playlist on Spotify and after reading about them in NME I decided to give them a wee' listen. I fell in love with their sound and I immediately put their whole latest album on my 'Mellow' playlist because they're just so; well, mellow.

I've heard people talk about Mac Miller so much recently so I decided to give his recent album a listen and I loved it, I love how unusual and down to earth it is and that it's really relaxed RnB one minute and then a bellowing political anthem the next My Favourite Part is just so cute with Ariana there and it just gives me all kinds of good vibes.

 One of my favourite Youtubers Haley Blais released an EP this month (this is a recurring theme) and I was so excited because I just love her music, Late Bloomer is definitely my favourite track on the EP but I also like Mine which is a song written to her dog, it's so emosh' and bloody wonderful.

Alicia Keys is back and her album is just so good oh my goodness! It has such mature and political themes but it also has some absolute tunes, so it can make you dance and think about things at the same time wow! Holy War is definitely my favourite track on the album, I'm absolutely in love with the lyrics, how simple they are and how powerful they are at the same time, she's such a good human bean'.

 I listened to The Weeknd's new album this month and didn't find it too tantalising apart from a few tracks (he's changed man). One of the tracks I liked was Six Feet Under it's what he's good at and it's really catchy.

Speaking of my fave Youtubers here's another one; dodie oh my I just love dodie and now she's a fucking girl boss and she's only gone and released an EP which is just so beautiful and full of feeling it made me weep a lil' bit. When  is definitely my favourite track although it's hard to choose. It's just so ethereal and it could almost pass as a song for a musical and the lyrics just hit you right-in-the-heart ouch!

  Stevie Parker is another artist I found in NME and I listened to her EP and again, fell in love. She's just so raw and emotional in her singing and her lyrics, but the songs are also tuneful and some could pass as up-beat, I'm very excited for her album and I desperately want to see her live.

 By the end of the month I had completely ran out of new music to and Spotify suggested I listen to this Christmas cover album thingy' by Gavin James. I enjoyed some of the covers but was still abit meh. Until I heard River which I think (I could be wrong) is his own song, I love the lyrics and I find it so relaxing and fills me with Christmas goodness, a lovely thing to be filled with when going into December. 

Wow that was lengthy. Looking back at November I didn't think their were a lot of good new releases, chart wise. But you never know what gems NME and Spotify are going to un-cover for you!



What have you been listening to this November?

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