The Importance of Christmas Films

Friday, 9 December 2016

What's Blogmas without a Christmas film post eh? For me Christmas films are one of the most important parts of the holiday season. They set the scene, they relax, they tell wonderful stories, they let you know that it's time to settle down now, work's over it's now time to curl up on the sofa and watch Love Actually. Although, if Itv2 had its way, you'd be finished work and curled up on the sofa ready for Christmas in October, October for bloody hell's sake! Christmas films are the thing that save a festive family argument (don't we all love those) When Dad's saying something about the cost of Christmas lights under his breathe you know it's time to stick Home Alone on so he can forget about the electric bill and watch some burglar get electrocuted instead! A good Christmas film can fix anything this time of year and there's nothing better than sticking one on and sitting in front of the telly with your loved ones, your cats and a bucket of tea. If we didn't have Christmas films all we'd be left with on Christmas day is the Queen's speech and Lawrence of Arabia (seriously though, it's not even a Christmas film and it's on every year) which lasts for around 6 hours and before you know it Christmas has ended and you've just watched a beautiful man roam around a desert for 6 hours, Merry Christmas to you too! Here are a few of my all time favourite festive films:

- Home Alone - It was the only one I had to hand when doing the photos for this post, so I thought it could go first. Home Alone is just a simplistic feel good film about grievous bodily harm, child abuse and attempted murder Merry Christmas! But no, in all seriousness the plot is amazing and there's just something about Macaulay Culkin and his inventive, vindictive brain going to town on those bad guys that just gives me those Christmas feels and watching him welcome back his mother without even questioning her why she left him behind in the first place, that's what Christmas is about kids, forgiveness. Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal and all that.  

- Rise of the Guardians - Some would argue with me and say this is not a Christmas film but I beg to differ people! Most of the plot revolves around Santa Claus and Christmas and there are more Christmassy characters in it than normal. It is however, a great film to watch in say, mid November or even October if you're as mad as Itv2! I just love the premise of this film and how all the mythical guardians work together to overthrow the boogie man, who can I just say is one of the most terrifying evil villains in film history okay. He's literally black and white and he invades children's dreams with evil black sand, that's some Freddie Cruger shit right there!  I always thought though, that although Jude Law's voice is great for the boogie man, Benedict Cumberbatch would have been so much better the character even looks like him! Rise of the Guardians is a really nice, subtle film that only brushes against Christmas, it's not all in your face and I really like that about it and as I said it's a perfect Christmas film for when your just starting to get into the festive spirit. 

- It's a Wonderful Life - An absolute classic, although I only saw it last year. Gareth and I cuddled up and watched it the night before Christmas Eve and I enjoyed it so much, it's just a more realistic take on A Christmas Carol basically but the message is heartfelt and everything about it is just so classic and lovely, it gives you all those black and white feels. 

 - Arthur Christmas - One of my favourite animated Christmas films and a film that I think sometimes gets overlooked. It's got a great cast, I only found out Bill Nighy was Grandsanta the last time I watched it. The plot is really clever with a military style take on Christmas it shows you the practical way of Santa delivering to all the houses and when you add it up it actually starts to make a lot of sense. It's just a wonderfully British Christmas Film and it really does warm your Christmas cockles, definitely. Also I really want Arthur's Christmas Jumper that is all. 

- Love Actually - It's up there, it has to be. Although I read a recent article about how blatantly sexist this film is after watching it 10 billion times I can't just take it out of my top 5, I just can't do it. Yes there are flaws but I think it's one of the most diverse Christmas films out there and the underlying message is lovely and it warms my heart. It's also directed by one of my favourites Richard Curtis and (I'm putting this out there) if I don't see Love Actually at least once, it's not properly Christmas for me, I'm a millennial, this was the biggest Christmas film around when I was growing up, I'm allowed to say that okay (even though I already feel bad about it being incredibly sexist cause it is, it really is). 

- Polar Express - I love this film and I know some people that just don't understand why I love it so much. The dodgy CGI the weird Tom Hanks thing going on, where all the characters are modelled off his face, like what? But I just love it, I love the POV shots of the train I love the story and the adventure of the little boy trying to get the girl's ticket back and the homeless train guy that you never really find out if he was a ghost or not. This film is dark and creepy and weird, almost disguised as a Christmas movie and I love it. I do tend to switch off when they eventually get to The North Pole that bit's boring, give me more trains going up really steep mountains and the hot chocolate dance any day. 

My least favourite Christmas film is probably The Grinch, I just can't stand Jim Carrey's over acting, it makes me feel on edge and un-comfortable. There are also so many more films I love, Nativity, Elf the list could go on but I'd be here all day. Christmas films are really important to me but I am very picky, they have to fill me with joy and wonder and most importantly, so much Christmas spirit that I believe I could do anything. That's the thing about Christmas films, they make you feel like your big adventure is just moments away, just after you've watched Love Actually on Itv2 for the 10,000th time though. 

What are your favourite Christmas films?


  1. Home Alone is by far my most loved film/christmas film ever! I just love everything about it! I can't wait to snuggle up this weekend and watch some! Lovely post hun!
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  2. Loved reading this! I agree, Jim Carrey makes me feel uncomfortable haha. I think Love Actually is my favourite festive film as well as Elf! x

    Sick Chick Chic

    1. He's so over the top isn't he?! Yeah they are definitely the two classics.