The Run Up to Christmas

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

I'm one of those people when, as soon as it hits December everything suddenly turns a little Christmassy. Now I don't go all out at once, but I do slowly begin to Christmass-ify my life, slowly but surely things get more and more festive. Here are the things I like to do on the run up to Christmas:

- Festive Candles - I like to start by purchasing a lovely smelling festive candle, usually smelling of cinnamon and apple with cloves or something similar. I love the smell these kind of candles give off and they add some real cosiness to my room. I even put them in the rest of the house too so every room smells like a wonderful Christmas grotto!

- Vlogmas - As soon as the 1st of December hits it's time for vlogmas. My favourite Youtubers start uploading daily and I find myself watching hours of footage of other people's run up to Christmas an I bloody love it, I'm so nosey! The queen of all vlogmasses however is Zoella, she uploads daily on both of her channels and her videos are always so entertaining. I like to watch her main videos during the day or whenever I can and watch her vlogs on her second channel before I go to bed because they make me all warm and happy, Zoe is definitely the queen of Christmas!

- Drink More Hot Chocolate - I only tend to drink hot chocolate at Christmas time, I just kind of forget about it through the rest of the year. I can also only drink a small amount before feeling sick, so I see it as a special treat. I tend to make it even more Christmassy' by putting some cloves or spiced orange into it as well. The perfect drink to warm your cockles on a Christmas night. 

- Watch Harry Potter - This is an all year round thing for me, because you know Harry Potter is life. But my watching tendencies tend to increase by around 10% when it's Christmas time. Harry Potter will always remind me of Christmas, because there is always something Christmassy in each film (apart from the last one cause you know, death). The films are also always shown around Christmas time and I can always remember getting Philosopher's Stone for Christmas and watching it with my Dad that night. Also the HP Christmas soundtrack is one of my favourite things in the world! 

- Lush Christmas Bath Bombs - My favourite thing to do on a Christmas evening is run a hot bath and pop a festive bath bomb in there. My favourite bath bomb is probably So White it's so simplistic, but it honestly smells like the best thing ever, fresh apples. I also love The Magic of Christmas bubble bar wand, it's sparkly, it's on top of a cinnamon stick and has a bloody clove in the middle how Christmassy can you get?! 

- Dress with a little Christmas Spirit - Now I'm not saying go all out with your Christmas jumpers just yet. But there are some lovely little subtle Christmas things you can get, I mostly tend to wear festive pyjamas, tartan print, prints with robins on, prints with hares with scarves on and prints with reindeers, you name the print, I've got it! When it is time for those festive jumpers I do like a good pun and a good print, my favourite one I own at the moment says 'Piste off' on it and I love how blatantly offensive it is but still pretty stylish. 

- Watch Gavin and Stacey - My favourite of all the Christmas specials, I tend to watch this about 10 times before Christmas, normally with Gareth. If we had a Christmas tradition it would be this, I think it actually is this. I literally know all of the words and it's an episode that is very dear to my heart, Nadolig Llawen and all that. 

What do you do on the run up to Christmas?


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