Treasure Hunt | November

Friday, 2 December 2016

Because Christmas is upon us, I haven't really gone mad with the material items this month. Although I do have a few treasures to share that I have absolutely loved over November:

1. Jack Garratt Tour T-shirt 

 In the beginning of November I went to see Jack Garratt. His show blew me away and afterwards we made our way to the merch stand. I told myself I wouldn't buy anything 'you can't afford it Ciara you must start saving up for Christmas', but alas I saw this t-shirt design and I knew I must have it. It's such a cool illustration and quite an unusual design for a t-shirt and the condition is so nice and soft. It was also only £15 which, for merch from Newcastle O2 is so, so cheap. I've been wearing this t-shirt on homey days and tucking it into jeans as well. 

2. Agave Nectar 

When my beloved golden syrup ran out I decided to go for a healthier option to pop on my porridge. It doesn't actually taste that different, the only difference is the price! But it's organic and things so I'm okay spending a little bit more money and to not buy things invested by Unilever the wankers!

3. The Forgetting Time by Sharon Guskin 

I really enjoyed this book through Novemeber and will be doing a full review of it soon, but for now lets just say that although this book is fiction, it is based on some kind of fact and it has really opened up my belief into reincarnation, that's all I'll say for now!

4. Lidl Spiced Christmas Biscuits 

I have loved these for the past three Christmases and when I became vegan I didn't think I could eat them, but last year I checked the ingredients and Yassss I can eat them! They are just these really sweet, spicy, gingery, cinnamony' biscuits nothing special really but I would favour these over ginger bread biscuits any day, they taste amazing! Especially when crumbled on top of my porridge in the morning.

5. Ravenclaw Scarf 

I finally got one! This month I went to The Warner Bros Studios the making of HP once again for Em's birthday and I promised myself I would get a Ravenclaw scarf because I regretted not getting one so much last time. I can now wear my scarf with pride as a true Ravenclaw! It was pretty expensive I'm not going to lie and it's such good quality and so soft, I also hang it on top of my mirror when I'm not wearing it so I can tell the world I am a Ravenclaw for forever more. 

Wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure and all that. 

6. The Missing 

If you watched the final of Bake Off (so the whole of the UK), you will probably have been hooked by the first episode of The Missing. The plot was amazing, the twists were amazing, the cinematography was amazing. The only thing that annoyed me a little is that the plot was very similar to 13 the bbc three drama that aired this time last year, which I found to be a bit lazy. But I do love a good bbc drama with suspense and great camera angles and I've enjoyed every episode, especially the last one!

A nice little versatile pile there. What was your favourite treasure?



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