A Not So Blue Monday

Monday, 2 January 2017

Ahh everything's becoming normal again. Don't get me wrong I absolutely love Christmas, Chrimbo' (the weird week between xmas and new year) I think might be my favourite time of the year, more on that later. But it's nice to be back and getting back to normal, this week I now need to focus solely on my dissertation and I'm quite excited actually. I will be doing a post about my 'sort of' resolutions later but for now; here are the things that have made me particularly happy this week:

Boxing Day and Chrimbo' __________________________________________________________

I had the most wonderful Boxing Day of doing nothing. Everyone I love the most was in the same place, on the sofa watching the same films. We rose late, watched shitty telly, ate pickles, cheese and crackers, watched some great films and soaked up each other's good vibes and laughter. The week continued to be great, we visited the people we wanted to see, we ate amazing food and we watched more shitty telly and great films. I was off work for the whole week and I could truly relax and spend time with people without worrying about something in the back of my brain. I think that's why I love it so much, it's the only time of year where society actually wants us to relax and spend time with our loved ones. It's a strange time of year and I know many people hate it but I think if you really use that time given to focus on things that you had no time to do the rest of the year, that to me is 'the most wonderful time of the year'. 

New Years Eve Party_______________________________________________________________

You've probably heard me mention my good friend who lives in a castle, on New Years Eve he threw a party and it was fabulous! It was fancy dress and I went as a fairy, I wore all black and then some tiny pink age 7+ fairy wings and I had the best time. It was so nice to actually be in one place on New Year's because normally we would go out and spend the time counting down in tiny crammed pubs full of people you don't really want to talk to in the first place. This year I spent it with my loved ones and like minded people, dancing around to Fleetwood Mac dressed as a fairy. This to me is a key signifyer that 2017 is going to be as magical as that moment. 

A Walk in the Lakes________________________________________________________________

Before heading back to smelly Carlisle we decided to head to the Lakes and take in the fresh air and clear skies. We went to 'Surprise View' probably my favourite view of The Lakes because it's not very well known and not littered with tourists like many of the prime viewing spots. 

Pie & Cake_______________________________________________________________________

After our walk we went into Keswick to a vegan cafe Kat's Kitchen. I ordered a vegan shepherds pie and a slice of chocolate cake and of course a cheeky hot chocolate. I can honestly say it was the best vegan meal out I've ever had, the shepherds pie was made with pui lentils and sweet potato and it was so flavoursome and the chocolate cake was perfectly fluffy with orange flavour icing and not forgetting the hot chocolate had vegan squirty cream which I'd never tasted before and it was so bloody delicious. I now need to make it my duty to myself to try and make my own version of that shepherds pie.  


Now I know there have been mixed reviews but I am so invested in this show that I think they could do anything to the show and I would still be in awe of the editing and the cinematography. I cried like a lil' bitch and I am very excited for next week's episode, I'm just so happy it's back okay. 

Getting Organised_________________________________________________________________ 

As much as I loved Christmas and New Year it can't last forever and now it's time for me to get back into a routine. I have a new diary so I spent the evening jotting in important dates, I'll probably write a post about it. I love organisation and before I can begin with writing and doing work I'm going to have a big clear out. I'm a budding minimalist and I feel like January is a great time to take another step towards that goal, I'm currently watching the Minimalism documentary on Netflix and it's giving me a lot of inspiration to create a space where I can think and write that is free of clutter so it doesn't clutter my brain, you get me? 

Listening to: Nothing New Really 

I've been listening to a lot of 2016 round ups and my old playlists before they get deleted to make room for the new music of this year. 

How was your Monday?


  1. Ahh I really feel like you captured the beautiful feeling of Christmas in your Boxing Day point. It's my absolute favourite time of year too and, although I'm really sad it's over, I feel a tad relieved to be getting back to normal too. Could you imagine if we did that all the time?! The world would collapse haha. xx

    1. Yeah same I love it so much but that's the beauty of it that it's only one day when the world stops and oh god hahaha yeah we'd all go into meltdown on our sofas!