A Not So Blue Monday

Monday, 16 January 2017

It's actually #bluemonday today, the saddest day of the year, lets turn that around shall we. I don't really know how to feel about this campaign, on one hand it raises awareness of mental health which can only be a good thing but only for a day when we should be tackling the stigmas everyday. And also I have seen a lot of advert campaigns and companies endorsing in it to sell people things which is all kinds of wrong, I don't know, I don't think there should be one day where everyone is 'allowed' to be depressed in society and stigmatised the rest of the year, whatever. This week has been filled with, you guessed it; reading. I've managed to get myself through about ten books this week, I'm really pleased with that and I'm now ready to start writing my dissertation. But I've currently got that first-word-anxiety, but I know as soon as I write my first sentence I'll be okay, I'm quite excited! Here are the things that have made particularly happy this week:


I'm back at my happy place and boy have I missed it! There's nothing better than an actual yoga class with an instructor to guide you. Yes you can do it at home but to me it doesn't have the same effect, I find it really hard to concentrate when I'm doing it at home. I was so ropey and so stiff the day after, but I think my body and brain both appreciate me going back. 

The Art of Happiness - HH Dalai Lama & Howard CC Cutler ____________________________

One afternoon I was reading this book for my dissertation, making notes. I found it so fascinating I read it from cover to cover and it took me about 4 hours but the advice in this book is second to none, it describes the Dalai Lama as a human, just like you and me, a man that makes mistakes and actually has really high levels of anxiety. It's so comforting to know that one of the most powerful and peaceful men in the world has troubles like you and me. This book is written very intimately and it's the only interview that The Dalai Lama allowed to be published. It's so interesting when he talks about Western culture and how consumer driven we are compared to Asia and the difference in cultures is fascinating. He also gives out brilliant humanitarian advice about everyday problems that humans face, including a huge chunk about anxiety management, so fascinating!

Instagram Stories__________________________________________________________________

It's like an artier version of snapchat and I've been experimenting with daily pictures on there. I've come to a point on snapchat that a lot of people that view them, I'm not really great friends with them or interested in their stories anymore (soz). So I've emigrated to Instagram because the people that use it are creative and I love looking through them, so I'm giving it a go. If you want to see some of these stories give me a follow on Instagram, it's my favourite app and I spend most of my social network time on there. 


Although I'm still in two minds about the last episode (like the whole fandom I think) I can't not say that this series has been mostly amazing and mind boggling and all the usual things that Sherlock is. I think it might be my favourite Tv show and now it's possibly over, I can't comprehend, so I've started watching them all again from the beginning. 'My Baker Street Boys'  *weeps*

Listening to // The Lottery Winners___________________________________________________

This lot are local to me and they do a lot of gigs in Cumbria, I've met them on multiple occasions and they're just all round good people and amazing musicians! This is their new single and I haven't stopped singing it all week, I love the chorus so much!


How was your Monday?


  1. Ahhh Sherlock had me so confused too! But I think, on the whole, I really enjoyed it. I'm also sad that it has finished. Also yay for getting back to yoga - it's really frustrating because at my gym they only do it in the day but I'd like to give it a go really.

    Also, I've just started a weekly happiness link-up if you wanted to join in with your Monday posts? It's kinda small at the moment but it might be nice for other people to read your happiness posts :):) Up to you of course!

    Suzy xx

    1. Yeah, I watched it again recently and liked it more so there's hope yet! Aw that's annoying I hope you find an evening class somewhere. Yeah that wuld be wonderful, sounds great!