A Not So Blue Monday

Monday, 9 January 2017

I went for a dull, windy walk to clear my head today, isn't this Cathedral beautiful? This week has been a bit difficult motivation wise for me. I think I'm still stuck in 'Chrimbo' (the days between Christmas and New Year) and I just feel like everything's still on hold and if I don't do the work there will be no consequences, which I need to snap out of my head pretty sharpish because there bloomin' will be! I was meant to read loads of books this week and I only managed about 2, lets hope next week my brain comes out of Chrimbo mode pretty quickly so I can actually get some decent work done because I am streSSed! Here are the things that made me particularly happy this week:

Reading about Happiness___________________________________________________________

When I did force myself to read I really enjoyed it. I'm writing about happiness for my dissertation and I find it absolutely fascinating, especially how it's described academically compared to how say 'self help books' portray it. It's interesting how we are constantly told to reach and strive for the one emotion that is the most fleeting and, the one that makes us feel best but those feelings are temporary and they have to be in order to feel them. The literature around happiness is quite scarce which surprised me a lot because I thought there would be so much more, it seems because it's so complicated psychologists tend to shy away from it but that doesn't help anyone, especially the poor girl that's currently trying to write about it for a study! I just find it so interesting and I'm so happy (or am I really though? Psychologists would say otherwise) that I get to write about something I am interested in and fascinated by, it makes the work 10x more fun!

The OA__________________________________________________________________________

Now I'm still in two minds about this show but for the most part I really enjoyed it. It just stunned me a bit really because it's so unusual and strange but the plot was great and all the themes were right up my street, wasn't too sure on the ending though but I did enjoy the contemporary universe dancing!

This Video_______________________________________________________________________

If you're having a bad day or even if you aren't just watch this bloody video. I watched this in the morning after applying all my makeup, it's safe to say I had to re-apply my eyeliner because I was crying with laughter my god!  

A Monster Calls___________________________________________________________________

I read this book in a week which is a record for me and I enjoyed every page! I will do a full review of this book but for now let me say that it was beautifully written and so poignant and powerful, I cried all the way through!

Listening to: Ed Sheeran ___________________________________________________________

I'm so happy he's back, so, so happy. I am however still a bit iffy about his new sound especially Shape of You but I do love Castle on the Hill that's just classic Ed, good song writing that tells a story with an extremely catchy chorus, I love the raspy voice as well, I'm so excited for 'Divide'. 


How was your Monday?

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