A Year of Slight Self Actualisation

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

If you're a regular reader of this blog you will know that I study psychology at University, I also have a keen interest in how psychology effects people's lives in particular moments. New year is a strange time in society, it's the time for expectation and change. I was wondering whether or not to write down some resolutions but I've never been a fan of setting targets as such. Instead I have thought about things that will benefit me and my life and my general demeanour. But first lets have a little reflect on my accidental self actualisation year:

I didn't set any resolutions for 2016 I don't think, but I did accidentally do some things to improve myself. I became vegan, I began therapy and I focused on myself more. If we're talking Maslow's Hierarchy for all my psychology nerds out there, these things can only be good because they are a small step towards the top of my pyramid which for every human (according to old fashioned white man Maslow) is self actualisation. Realising my place in the world and being happy with my self, self love for all you none psychology nerds out there, it's simple really. It has surprised me though that I have done this without really realising and that makes me happy because I'm subconsciously learning to love myself innit'. 

Now onto 2017. I'm going to just carry on as usual really but add a few more things that I can hopefully subconsciously work on:

Do more yoga_____________________________________________________________________

I stopped going in the summer and just haven't got back into it. I've found that when I'm stressed my body needs exercise and relaxation so it's a given really. 

Worry in a week __________________________________________________________________

I worry a lot and I've decided, after reading through my CBT work books to perform this mantra when something is worrying me: 'Will this matter in week ? If not why are you worried about it now?' I tend to worry about things that lose their significance in a day or so, so I think this will be a healthy thought process for me to practice. My own mental pensieve if you will.


After watching the Minimalism documentary on Netflix this morning I've decided to take part in Project 333, a clutter clearing challenge in which you choose 33 pieces of clothing, only wear them for 3 months and see if you can wear only them. If you can, the premise is that you now have a capsule wardrobe and you can give the rest of the clothes you kept away. I found choosing the clothes quite easy and things I've picked are very versatile so I think this will be quite easy, one more step towards cosy minimalism!

I know I said that I didn't do resolutions but I ended up listing some, soz'. But I think these will continue my theme of self actualisation and all that. Always remember though, just because society says we have to make changes doesn't mean you have to comply. If you're happy with yourself that's fine and if you change your mind, you don't have to wait until next year to do something about it. 

What did you subconsciously change in 2016?

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