Flow 2017 Diary

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Since 2013 I have been using the Flow yearly diaries, I love the magazine Flow  and when I was in Amsterdam I picked one up written in Dutch in a local shop and I still have it today. I adore the layout and the illustrations and I read the content online a lot. I fell in love with my first Flow diary and haven't looked back since. The diaries themselves aren't too expensive but the shipping is pretty costly, but it's so worth it for a wonderful diary you have for a whole year. 

I love the layout of it this year and the style, they're always really cute but this year it's just extra adorable. They choose a different illustrator each year and this year it's a pattern designer called Lotta Jansdotter and everything's so colourful and cute. 

The layout this year is extra handy because it has list space for the up-coming month so you can write in your monthly goals to look back on. They also give you a lovely poem for each month. 

The week is spread into two pages, a grid of the week and then a blank page to add any extra bits in, they also ask you a question each week, which I think is a good idea because you can look back on them over the year and read your answers. I just love how neat it is and put together so thoughtfully, if you have a busy week you can put your lists and lengthy things on the left. 

They also have a section at the end where you can note down all your little findings of the year, so for example there's a 'movies I have seen' and a 'Recipes I have tried'  section and much more. I think this is such a good idea and a great way to keep you reminded of noting things down so you don't forget. Especially when you've got a blog, it's perfect for those lackadaisical post ideas when you have no more ideas left. 

At the back of the diary there is also a pocket to keep important papers in and things and inside there are a tonne of pretty postcards and stickers designed by Lotta, which is just so lovely and handy. This diary is just so handy, handy, handy, can you tell  love it so much?! 

If you still want to buy a Flow diary they are still on sale and are reduced because of the time of year. So if you are still in need of a pretty thing to organise your life, there you go, perfect! I am not sponsored by this brand by the way, I just love them a lot and things they put out into the world, although; Flow, hit me up yeah?


  1. This is such a pretty and cute diary! I want one now after reading this post!!

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  2. Wow, this is SO cute! How have I never heard of Flow?!
    { Katie Actually }

    1. They aren't very well known in Britain I don't think, I think the mags should be sold here as well!

  3. it's the very first time i am seeing this brand. but omg it looks totally worth it!!!!

    Noor | Noor's Place