A Not So Blue Monday

Monday, 6 February 2017

I've been busy this week, which has allowed me to distract myself from the current situation , which has been nice. I don't know if distracting is a good thing but it's certainly better than bits of reality right now so I think I'll just keep being busy. Here are the things that have made me particularly happy this week:

Starting back at Uni________________________________________________________________

Yep, I've only just started back properly. I haven't had lectures since the end of December and that's a bloody long time seems I'm paying £9000 for my degree, but whatever it's how Uni's work right? We've been having some really interesting lectures this week and it's making me really excited for the semester ahead. One of my modules is Stress and Stress Management which I think is hilarious with how stressed we already are *manic hysterical laughter from the whole class*. 

Yoga Classes______________________________________________________________________

Yoga's going so well and it's helping so much with what's going on right now. I was top of the class last week, because aparently I have 'good knees' which is nice to know. We did a pose in which we had to sit on our knees and basically do a back bend and I was the only one in the class that could get to the floor! I was so proud of myself and my surprisingly bendy body, gold star for me!

Conan Gray ______________________________________________________________________

Conan's a smaller youtuber who came up in my suggestions list, I watched one of his videos and fell in love. With him, with his asthetic, his video ideas. I want to be friends with him so badly he's a bloody wonderful  human bean! 

T2 Trainspotting___________________________________________________________________

This fucking film! I was aprahensive at first because Trainspotting is one of my all time favourite films, but I was absolutely blown away. It was perfect, the plot made sense for a sequel, the nostalgia was so strong and the cinematography; oh my god the cinamatogrphy was probably (and I say this with a pinch of salt) the best cinamatography I've seen in a Danny Boyle film and I'm a massive fan of Danny Boyle! There were so many subtle nods to the old film, but still enough new material so you're not just relying on nostalgia alone, it was perfect and I'm going to see it again very soon. Choose Life and all that. 

Hot Water Bottles__________________________________________________________________

When I lived at home I used to sleep with a hot water bottle every night. But when I moved to Uni I just kind of, forgot they existed, does that make sense? I just kind of forgot that my bed could be warm when I get into it and I wouldn't have feet like blocks of ice. The funny thing is I actually had one at Uni in my cupboard and I found it recently. So now my bed has been warm and toasty once again and that makes me incredibly happy. I'm such an old woman. 

Red Oaks_________________________________________________________________________

This week I made the move to Amazon Prime. This is a big deal after being a long standing Netflix user but after much time on Netflix, I feel like I've watched everything and also it would be nice to give my bank account some relief. Also if you're a student you get Prime free for 6 months so win win. I've wanted to watch this show for a while because it's got one of my faves in it Craig Roberts, he was talking on an interview about it a few months ago and it sounded right up my street. I started watching it on Wednesday and I've already finished both seasons. It was really feel good and I loved the 80's vibes, also if you miss the Summer holidays give this a watch it's perfect for when the weather's so grey and gloomy outside!

This Video about Dissertations_______________________________________________________

Another Youtube video I know. What can I say, I've been spending a lot of evenings in bed drowning in Youtube okay. This video though, it came to me when I needed it most I was feeling very un-inspired and panicked about my dissertation but Jimmy's advice gave me a bit of hope and I've ignited the spark again to get the bloody thing done and enjoy while I'm doing it. To anyone doing a disseration who doesn't feel like they have time to watch the video cause you know, you're a better student than me and all that; he basically explains that you should see your dissertation as an oppurtunity and not a chore and I'm going to take that mantra all the way through mine. I love my topic and I actually loved doing the research so why shouldn't I love the write up as well. We've got this pals!

Listening to // Banks - The Alter______________________________________________________

I loved this album already but on a particularly difficult day this week, I ran a bath and listened to it from start to finish and I think I might have found my signiture 'break up' album. It's just so raw and empowering and the lyrics are beautiful, I think Banks might be one of my all time fave artists now, I love her and everything she writes. 

How was your Monday?


  1. i just started watching Conan's videos after this post and I have been binge watching (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S1y29g0fjRA is currently playing in the background as i type this haha) thank you for recommending this!!!!!!
    i am so so hooked to Zayn + Taylor's new song called I Don't Wanna Live Forever like i have been listening to it for daysssssss now

    Noor | Noor's Place

    1. Aww he's so wonderful and talented isn't he! And omg I had a week of playing that song over and over again it's great and the music video is soooo sexy!