Dear January

Friday, 3 February 2017

It's that time once again, to write a letter to the month, but this month was a shitty one, an un-expected shitty one. But it happened and it's time to bid farewell, thank goodness it's over, for myself and the rest of the world. 

January I'm sorry to say but you've never been my favourite month, never. You bring about a lot of change, a lot of poignant change. For some you bring on change in a good way, but for me it's a hard fall back to normality and reality and this year you really surpassed yourself in your shitty reality check. 

I'm sorry if I sound angry Januray, it's because I am, I'm furious at the situation you brought on. How blind I was at Christmas thinking that everything would be okay, I was excited for the New Year, that's all gone now because of you. You were cold and bitter and although there were sunny days in which the sun lay low in the sky and gave me hope, I only saw that sun a few times because I was hibernating in bed for most of it, how fucking metaphorical. 

Something has changed January, something huge. My five year relationship ended and no, before you ask I am not okay, but I know I will be eventually. Our  break up was amicable and even though I don't want to go into too much detail for Gareth's sake, I will say that he is still my best friend and soul mate. 5 years is a long time January and it's time now to do what we have to do and discover what it's like to be by ourselves for abit and that's okay. You need to be able to live with yourself forever first I love that quote. 

Although you brought this on Januray, I know it's a good decision and I know I will be well and truly happy one day. You can't grow when you're comfortable that's another belter I am learning to live by. I am already making exciting plans for the rest of this year. I'm going to gather all of my passion and energy and focus it onto my work, that's right January I'm going to become a #girlboss watch this space. Emily read my tarot cards recently and they told me I need to be out of my comfort zone for a while, I'm going to hate it but it's going to be good for me. I'm going to learn to focus on myself and although that's going to take a while (and a lot of sit-down-showers) I know I will be okay. 

I'm sad now January and I blame it all on you, but that's okay because you're over now, you're done. And all I need to do now is look into the future and take time to be aware of the present. 

I'm sorry this was a little negative January but I can't desguise the fact that you were just plane shit. But there are brighter things around the corner, I know it.
Goodbye January, you fucker.


  1. I am completely with you, January was a rubbish month. Here's hoping for a great change in February.

    Ella xx

  2. Hope you will feel better in February!