Kat Von D Lock-It Foundation | Light 44

Saturday, 11 February 2017

I have been on the hunt for the perfect cruelty-free foundation for what feels like years, I actually think it might be years. I just can't seem to find one that has amazing coverage and perfectly suits my skin tone. I saw so many reviews of this foundation and I seriously thought it was going to be the one, but alas. It's so close to being perfect, but after a month of wearing it, it just doesn't cut it, soz' Kat. 

Before ordering this foundation I did a lot of research, I watched a tonne of Youtube videos and read so many blog posts. It's £27.00 and being a poor student that's quite an investment for something I put on your face almost every day. I was originally going to get the Light 42 shade, but it was sold out for weeks and I eventually gave up, big mistake. The pale skinned beauty gurus on Youtube told me that even if you are pale, this shade is still okay and great for pale skin and wont turn you orange whatsoever, hmmm. I was skeptikal but I had ran out of my Bodyshop BB cream and was desperate for more coverage, so I added it to my basket and crossed my fingers. 

It arrived and I put it straight onto my hand, you're not meant to do this because the skin tones are completely different, someone should have told me that before I squirted a bit onto my hand. I gasped at the colour difference, "awww shit what have I done omg no!" But with a positive outlook I applied it to my foundation brush and spread it across my face , blended it like I had never blended before and was pretty happy with the result. After applying powder and blending it hard into my skin, the ornageness had gone and it looked really good with contour, success! Until I went downstairs into the bathroom and saw how much darker my skin was in natural light, SHIT! I wore it like this for a week to see if I could get used to it, but decided it was too dark and I needed help from those delightful shade adjusting drops from Bodyshop. It worked much better once I purchased those. 

Application was still a bit tricky, it's very full coverage so it comes out thick and one squirt can cover your whole face, which is great for cost effectiveness. But it does feel like you are smothering paint all over your face when you use a brush, it smells like paint too, which I really am not a fan of. So I decided to invest in a beauty blender, I'd heard a lot about them and how they work better with full coverage foundation. I patted it onto my skin the next morning with the beauty blender and saw a huge difference in how it sat on my face, it was still very much like face paint, but thought it looked much more natural. 

The only real problem with this product for me is the smell and the tackiness, even if you do powder. I've found it to come off throughout the day, when I call someone I'll take my phone away and it will be covered in bloody horrible foundation marks! I just think it's a bit too thick for me and I maybe need somehing more water based. It's a great product and it does its job and I think if stupid me didn't buy the WRONG shade for my own skin, it would be much better. I was just surprised seems as this is meant to be a foundation designed towards the paler complexion, how orange toned Light 44 is. Maybe I'm just a translucent alien or something but, if you too feel like a translucent alien; be patient and wait to buy the lightest shade because then you wont have to lose an extra tenner for shade adjuster drops, jus' saying. 

I will probably finish up this foundation with help from my beauty blender and shade adjuster drops but I think the search continues for the perfect, creuelty free, translucent alien foundation. If you have any recommendations please, please let me know. Maybe the Tarte one or something that people always go on about? I have no clue.  



  1. I'm so struggling to find a good, cruelty free foundation for my pale skin! I did get colour matched at NARS on Monday though so I think I'm going to go for Sheer Glow x

    Sick Chick Chic

    1. Ooo I had no idea Nars was cruelty free?! I always just stayed away from it cause I presumed it wasn't. I've heard a lot about Nars, might just give that one a go then!