A Not So Blue Monday

Monday, 13 March 2017

Hello pals! It's been another busy ol' week for me, but a mostly positive and productive one. I'm pleased with the work I have done and it's not long now until my dissertation is due and all of this work will pay off. I've also been able to have some time for myself and I'm very excited to start a new book tonight with a face mask and an episode of The Great Pottery Throwdown, how old am I? Here are the things that have made me particularly happy this week:

Pixi Glow Tonic____________________________________________________________________

I haven't been happy with my face recently because, stress. And I was wanting to change up my skin routine without breaking my 'treats' budget I have for myself each month. Afer doing a bit of research I ended up buying a small bottle of Pixi Glow Tonic because it is cruelty free and I've heard amazing things. Even after a week I am seeing the difference and I even got a compliment from someone at work about how nice my skin looked, it seems that I can be stressed and not look like a sausage roll after all, win!

Mr Robot_________________________________________________________________________

Whilst having a bit of time to myself I decided to start a new TV series and settled for Mr Robot because I have heard a lot, I love it. It's clever and not too tech savvy to make you fall asleep, I love the colour grading and the script is so smart. Also it has big similarities to Fight Club which is in my top 5 of favourite films, it contains a lot of inner monologues from the main character and a lot of natter about consumerism and being ran by a higher power, it's great fun! Also Rami who plays Elliot the main character is kinda nice to look at so there's that, 

Dog Dancing Video ____________________________________________________________

This video is amazing! I didn't really watch a lot of Crufts this year after the contreversy with the Alsation and just the cruelty of pedigree breeding, doesn't really leave a pleasant taste in my mouth. But I did tune in for the flyball and the dog dancing which are always my favourite and this dog is amazing and the routine is actually quite powerful. The dog performs CPR for goodness sake, without any direction from its trainer because she's lying on the floor, such talent, much emosh!


It was International Women's Day this week and I am not ashamed to say that I spent most of my day on twitter and instagram crying with pride and admiration for women. I'm so happy that so many people came together and posted about IWD and I read so many uplifting stories and found so many inspirational women to follow on social media, I'm just so proud to be a woman and knowing that there are so many people that support us and I didn't see one tweet about how we need an 'International Mans Day' think I would have thrown my phone out of  the window! Women are awsome! 

Listening to // Big Moon - Sucker ____________________________________________________

Speaking about IWD this song is a feminist anthem by a badass indie girl group, it's so catchy and so gutsy and punky and great for when you're venturing outside when you don't really want to, because you immediatly feel more badass with this in your headphones. It's also a great song to send spontaneously to your best sister of the moon to tell her how awsome she is, garn' do it!

How was your Monday?

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