A Not So Blue Monday

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Hello pals! It's been another busy ol' week for little ol' me, but it's been mostly positive and productive so I couldn't ask for more really. Here are the things that made me particularly happy this week:

Zine Making ______________________________________________________________________

On Wednesday our collabrative creative group Hayton Castle Fields launched our first zine making workshop and it was a success! We went to a local secondary school to work with the kids who are interested in the project and want to be part of the zine. I was photography assistant for the day and helped lead a workshop with David a very talented London based photographer who you must check out because his work is amazing and much profesh'. We taught the kids how to work a disposable camera and gave them the oppurtunity to take photos that could be added to the zine. I'm so passionate about this project because it is such an exciting oppurtunity for people, especially in a place like Cumbria which couldn't be further away from London and sometimes (talking from experience) can feel completely out of the oppurtunity loop. They are getting the chance to work with people who have been in journalism and publishing for years and I am so excitied to see what happens with this project. If you reside or live near Cumbria and are interested in this project, we are holding more community workshops and we need all the creativity we can get, keep checking our Facebook to see where we will pop up next, exciting!


On Tuesday I tried my hand at homemade vegan KFC and it actually went well. I followed this recipe  from one of my favourite foody youtubers but didn't have a deep fat fryer so used a shit tonne of oil and a wok (so healthy). I also added lots of paprika and tobasco to the batter mix and it gave it a wonderful smokey flavour 10/10 would make a again. 

Everything Everything______________________________________________________________

During this week I haven't had a lot of sleep and one particular night I just couldn't drift off so decided to read the rest of this book and I finished it all, which is a big deal for me because it takes me an age to read books. I fell in love with this book although the ending was a bit of a let down but I thought the storyline was very unusual and different and it fulfilled my current love for YA right now. I'm also very excited to see the film later this year, I'm sure a full review will arrive soon, maybe when I have more time. 

Bash Harry_______________________________________________________________________

A blogger and vlogger I found this week after she commented on one of my blog posts (squeals a little). I immediately fell in love with her aesthetic and watched all her Youtube videos in one day (no seriously) she is a lovely human and her videos are postive and did I mention she's bloody amazing at makeup and her makeup tutorials are some of my favourite on youtube. Ahh she's just great, also her most recent video on love made me cry but in a good way and really touched a nerve and just the way she says words is inspiring you know.  Bash be my friend pls and thanks for being a wonderful human I have gained a new favourite creator!

Finished Transcriptions_____________________________________________________________

When you do psychology at Uni you can do something called an Interperative Phenomenological Analysis (or an IPA for short) for your dissertation which includes interviewing people and then transcribing EVERYTHING they say onto a horrible document table thing with numbered lines and it is LITERALLY HELL ON EARTH because 10 minuets of someone talking amounts to 2 hours of transcriptions and one of my interviews was 3 HOURS LONG and took me 2 WEEKS to transcribe. I'll stop writing in caps now I'm sorry, all I'm trying to say is that transcriptions are hard work not because they require thinking but they are just so mundane and take so long. But I have now finished my last transcription and I actually shed a tear of joy knowing I never have to transcribe an interview ever again, oh my.

Listening to // Pixie Geldoff - I'm Yours _______________________________________________

I read a review of this album in NME and then forgot to listen to it, until this week. It's so floaty and etheral and has huge Lana vibes and I just love the style. My favourite songs are currently I'm Yours, Twin Thing and Wild Things Grow but the whole album is wonderful. A great bath album I kid you not!

How was your Monday?


  1. Aw it's so nice to see a positive post first thing on a Monday! The homemade KFC sounds amazing btw - I really need to try my hand at that xx

    Sophie Elizabeth

    1. Thank you and yeah it's actually quite easy and so delicious!