A Not So Blue Monday

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Hello pals! Nah it's not Monday, but I still had an exciting week and I'm currently doing some productive procrastination in writing this post instead of doing my disseratation wooo hoo! Here are things that have made me particularly happy this week:

Dog Instagrams____________________________________________________________________

I read this post from the lovely Hannah and started following a shit tonne of dog instas afterwards. These two are still my favourite though and they have the best aesthetic, they're dogs for goodness sake; how can they have a better aesthetic than any other minimalist/blogger human bean?! But yeah, I've found that dog insta accounts make me tremendously happy and that's all you want in life right? And they are actually quite motivating in a strange way, if dogs with a great aesthetic can succeed in life so can you!

Seed Swap Saturday _______________________________________________________________

I went home this weekend to help with my friend Stevie and HCF's  event. It was a seed swap which means people come and bring seeds and swap them for other seeds, riveting I know. But it was so nice to see so many people with the same interests at one event, we also gave them cake and the sun was out so it couldn't have gone better. I felt strange all day though, there are a lot of memories at that place and I didn't think it would effect me too much because I know I'm going to be making more this summer but I felt a bit floaty and weird all day so when everyone had gone we drank prosecco and watched the sunset  wrapped in a blanket and had some well needed deep chats, it was bliss. 

Casio Keyboards___________________________________________________________________

So whilst I was at home I found a power cable for my old shitty Casio keyboard, I was wanting to buy a new keyboard but they are expensive and my skills are a bit rusty so I thought I would take this creaky, dusty thing back with me instead. It's like a proper 90's one with DJ on it and the lot, but it still works a treat and I am currently learning the La La Land melody, badly I might add. 

Listening to // Frances - Things I've Never Said ________________________________________

I think I've mentioned Frances on here before but her new album recently came out and it's so good! The piano balads are beautiful and so catchy and her lyrics are so simple and meanigful. My favourite songs at the moment are Sublime, Drifting and Last Word. We also look like we could be sisters, like a lot, maybe she is, nah she's too talented...mum? 

How was your Monday?


  1. This is a lovely post! I'm now following that doggy insta haha x

    Sick Chick Chic

    1. Honestly it gives me life, they're so cute!