Treasure Hunt | February

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Although I am meant to be saving I have still managed to gather a few lil' bits. Because I've had a pretty demanding month I did treat myself a little bit because I think it's important #treatrevolution. Here are the treasures I have collected in February:

Yoga Leggings ____________________________________________________________________

The beginning of February was all about yoga for me (until too much work took hold and I had to stop going, cry) so I decided to buy some proper workout leggings. I did want to get some that were ethically sourced but they're all so expensive and then I popped into Primark and found these, I'm a bad person I'm sorry and I am trying to be more ethical with my clothing choices I promise. These leggings though, they're perfect for yoga and they fit like a dream. They also have these cool fishnet style cutaways which make me feel sexy whilst doing Warrior II and they make my arse look great, what more can you ask for. It's a shame I can't do more yoga right now with how busy I am but I'm excited to use them in the summer for jogging!

Crunchy Nut Glorious Oat Granola __________________________________________________

This granola has been my favourite form of breakfast for so long but it's so bloody exensive! It's something like £3.00 or £3.50 which is ridiculous for a bit of oats and fruit, but during a quick browse in Tesco I stumbled upon it half price and thought I'd treat myself! I've been eating it with some Alpro yoghurt and banana and it is just a dream. I think I bought about 4 packets while it was on offer and now I'm sad because I'm not paying £3.50 for cereal, I am not! I've had to resort back to that Lidl granola lyf' which is probably better because it's much more healthy than that flapjacky' goodness. 

Tick Tock Roobius Tea | Vanilla Chai________________________________________________

I have been looking for the perfect vanilla chai without milk for a pretty long time. It's quite rare to find a chai blend that doesn't contain milk and I saw this in Booths (because I'm so posh) and had to try it, also it's tea bags which is extra rare. My goodness this tea is delicious! It's such a perfect blend, you can taste the roobius which cuts through the sweetness of the vanilla and then you just get a little bit of spice at the end and it's sooo nice! Perfect for keeping me warm and cosy whilst doing work. 

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick | Nosferatu______________________________________

After purchasing and loving Lolita II for a month I decided to treat myself to another beautiful shade in the Kat Von D range. It's such a gorgeous blue toned, deep red which I think really compliments my translucent skin tone and makes me feel like a film star. The only trouble with this shade is that once applied it can get everywhere and if you're eating or drinking you have to be careful of those upper corners of your lips, I'm speaking from experience people, I looked like Cruella Deville all night! And because it's darker and more pigmented it does dry out your lips a lot, but you'll look like a film star so it's worth it!

Art Journal_______________________________________________________________________

This month I had a trip to my favourite place The Range to buy a decent portfolio and folders and boring things like that. But I ended up also buying a bright yellow art journal because the color yellow has really grown on me and it's well cute. I've just started it but I might just do a Noor's Place and do a tour of my sketches at somepoint, I'm not as brave and fabulous as Noor though to put my art out into the world like that so we'll see!   

The Man in the High Castle_________________________________________________________

Nathan and I have just finished season 1 and although it was slow, the concept was cool and the characters and "history" were interesting. Also Frank's really hot, those glasses tho'. Everything rested on the last episode for me though and it excelled my expectations and I am now very excited to start season 2, it just needs to pick up its pace abit!

What's your favouite treasure?


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  2. i Love your blog it is so cute and pretty! xx

  3. Ooh, Nosferatu seems like it looks good! Post a swatch? :)
    The Art Journal's cute! I love how simple it is.
    I haven't watched The Man in the High Castle but it's been recommended to me lots of times. Will definitely watch it soon!

    xo, Gillan /

    1. Ooo yes I might just post one in the upcoming weeks. Yeah, my advice would be to keep at it because it does get a little boring in the middle, but it's worth it for the ending and styling of the show!

  4. I haven't got an art journal, but I do have a writing journal where I write most of my thoughts down. I'm just not creative enough with my colours I guess haha <3

    xx   BASH   |   HEY BASH

    1. It's always good to have somekind of journal, it just depends what you like to work in, I have both and I find it really cathertic to write things down but sometimes when I can't express what I want to say, I draw a picture instead. You could even experiment using collages in your writing journals and things idk it's just good to know you have something!