A Not So Blue Monday

Monday, 3 April 2017

Hello pals! I can't wait to not take pictures of my laptop and a cup of tea, honestly I'm just as sick of it as you probably are but this is what my week has consisted of and this is a truthful blog series so there you go. Here are the things that have made me particularly happy this week:

Riverdale ________________________________________________________________________

My friends and I wanted a new Tv series to watch, something light hearted. I remember a lot of people talking about Riverdale when it came out so we decided to give it go. We watched 7 episodes in one night, we are hooked and now we've caught up we have to wait for the next episode with everyone else, please pray for us. It's just so good and so stupid at the same time, the character arks are so laughable but the cinematpgraphy is amazing and I just like how cleana and fake it is. Perfect for a little bit of escapism on a Monday night #JUGHEAD4EVS. 

Manchester ______________________________________________________________________

On Tuesday Emily and I went to Manchester for the day. It was for a meeting with the Parklife team because we are working there this year which I am SO excited about because The 1975 and just festivals in general light up my soul! We decided to go early and spend the day, we hadn't seen eachother for a while and were in need of a proper catch up. We visited Afflecks Palace which I had never been to and I fell in love with it even though I was good and didn't buy anything but come on, about 5 floors of vintage and alternative stuff; I need to go back there when I have money ASAP! We also stopped over at V Rev for lunch and I had the best vanilla milkshake I have ever tasted and, to make things even better it had a surprise doughnut in the middle! The staff were wonderful and we had a full on conversation with one of the waiters about Morrissey, now that's my kind of people. My meal was delicious and I can't wait to go back and try EVERYTHING on the menu, it definitely lives up to the hype on social media, I would recommend the Fillet Seymore Hoffman because of the flavour and the pun of course. Even though I did end up missing my train on the way back and arrived back home at midnight I had the best day and it was so nice to actually explore Manchester and The Northern Quarter seems as I had only been there once to see Greenday at the O2 when I was 14. I could definitely see myself living there in the future; again, my kind of people. 

Carnage _________________________________________________________________________

Basically the comedy genius and newly aware vegan Simon Amstell made a satirical mockumentary, that is so much more than a satirical mockumentary. I heard a lot about this from other people and followed the making of it in my periferal vision, many people told me that they didn't like it, that it took the piss out of veganism and made the community look stupid. But I don't think they understand satire very well. This is what the vegan community needs, it's beyond clever allowing the meat eating viewer to laugh at the mockery of veganism and its preachy nature and also allow vegans to laugh at inside jokes. It creates the perfect divide between hilarious and shocking, giving you a satirical joke and then knocking it on the head with a hard hitting fact and grusome image of a slaughter house. It is set in 2067 where humans and animals live peacefully and even the premise that humans used to eat animals is so far beyond cognitive dissonance that they can't grasp the concept at all. It shows a timeline, some footage real, some made for the show (very hard to decipher the real from the fake) of how the meat and dairy industry became no more. It will make meat eaters think and give vegans hope and I can't stress how important this is, it takes away the superiority of the vegan documentary the whole preachy idea that meat eaters are bad and vegans are good. It gives the meat eaters with already very set ideas what they want but then has the potential to change their minds with humour. Such a simple idea but so, so clever, this is what we need to change minds, we need more of this. Go and watch it, I'm so passionate about this go watch it now!

Listening to // Lorde________________________________________________________________

After Liability came out I just can't get enough, I'm so, so excited for this album. I've been reliving all of Pure Heroin back to back and I forgot how much of an amazing and different sounding album it is. It took me back to being at college and walking down the corridor and making lots of art and I've realised that I need it on vinyl so that's what imma' do. She's one of my favourite people. 

How was your Monday?

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