A Not So Blue Monday

Monday, 17 April 2017

Hello pals! I've had a such a busy but relaxing week, I got to catch up with a lot of people over Easter and it was so nice to do so much and see their wonderful faces. But I'm so ready to get back into a routine and knuckle down and get my last two assignments done before the real holidays begin! Here are the things that made me particularly happy this week:

Friends __________________________________________________________________________

I went home and home felt nice because all my friends were also home. We had a proper catch up over homemade curry and wine and we put the world to rights as we always do. It was brilliant and it was so nice to see people I haven't seen since Christmas properly. Also Gareth and I had the oppurtunity to catch up properly and we are very excited about the next step in our friendship, feeling all kinds of positive!

Kill Bill __________________________________________________________________________

I call myself an avid movie lover but when I put my mind to it, I haven't seen many of the 'classics'. I love Tarantino movies, but I'd just never watched Kill Bill even though it stars my fave; Uma Thurman. So on Wednesday when my psychology course freinds decided to get together for a well deserved post-dissertation film night, after watching La La Land again and crying, again. We decided to watch Kill Bill and I loved it so much we ended up watching the second one in the same night. There are so many nods to Kill Bill in other films and cultural references that I never realised and it's just the epitome of a feminist film, I can't believe I left it so late but I'm so glad I finally got to watch it. 

Your Lie in April __________________________________________________________________

I've been getting into Anime lately (which I think I will write a post about at somepoiunt) and since my short exploration, I've found that I prefer more realistic ones. YLIA is wonderful and it kind of ruined my life but in the best kind of way, it's very heteronormative but it does explore pretty deep issues surrounding grief and coming-of-age and the artwork in it is just beautiful. 

Easter Walk in the Lakes ___________________________________________________________

When I go home it is becoming a bit of a tradition to go on a long walk in The Lakes . We live so close to what is claimed to be one of the most beautiful places in the UK and it's so nice to finally explore it properly. It's not like I took it for granted when I was younger, but because all of my friends lived somewhere near the coast, we always just used go by the sea. But now I'm older I want to explore a bit more and there's so much to explore in the lakes. This time we went to St John's in the Vale which is a tiny village on the side of a mountain, there was a cute church and we met some horses and I took many aesthetically pleasing photos until my phone annoyingly died on me. We also got to witness the handglider people jumping off the mountains and landing in the nearby fields, I've also decided that I want a go at this, uh oh. 

Listening to // Praise You - Hannah Grace_____________________________________________

I heard this on an advert for something-or-other and thought it was a nice version of the song, very uplifting for when you're walking down the street and the sun's out.


How was your Monday?



  1. I love when everyone comes home from uni and you can spend time with all your old friends! I also haven't seen Kill Bill but do too call myself a film lover (I feel like a fake now!), La La Land was the best film i'd seen in a while when I went to the cinema to see it. Listening to this song right now and i'd put it on a par with the original - I love the way she's mixed up the tempos and used her vocals to her advantage!
    Kate || www.katerattley.com

    1. It's so nice isn't it and you need to it's amazing! I can't wait for La La Land to come out on DVD and yeah it's a cool version, I think the song really suits her voice.