A Not So Blue Monday

Monday, 24 April 2017

Hello pals! This week has been so fast paced. It began with an emergency dentist visit that kind of took me out of pocket (why are teeth so expensive to maintain?!) but after the initial shock of the price, I just lay back and let them take care of my chipped tooth. I'm so proud of myself, I used to get quite a bit of anxiety at the dentist and wouldn't make follow up appointments because of the weird social interaction of someone literally sticking their fingers and tools in my mouth! But now I don't really mind it, I don't enjoy it; I don't think anyone really enjoys the dentist, but I'm much less anxious when I'm there. Even when my mouth goes numb and I have to walk home with a completely numb mouth and just act like everything is normal. My tooth is fixed now though and I'm glad I got it sorted sooner rather than later. I also realised halfway through the week that I shouldn't have taken that huge break from doing Uni work because now I am VERY behind. I think once my dissertation was handed in I just switched off for a bit, oh dear. But I'm back on it now and I only have 2 more presentations left and I'm done. For good. Ahhhh! Here are the things that have made me particularly happy this week:


This show, it's been through 3 seasons and it's still astoundingly good! I thought they would maybe lose their way a bit with the direction of it but the ending still surprised me and the issues that were explored in this series were very brave of ITV to bundle in all together. I hope a lot of awareness has been raised about sexual assault and the stigma surrounding that and mental health as a whole. I still couldn't guess the ending. 


Yep it was announced this week that there will be ANOTHER general election in England in June, this came as quite a surprise to some including me, I didn't think our Theresa would listen to the people but she did (kind of), NO ONE WANTS YOU THERESA GO AWAY! This election is important because it literally decides the fate of the NHS and the fate of the country. When the election was announced a lot of bloggers including myself started using the #BloggersWhoVote hashtag to raise the fact that we all need to vote. The millennials (18-24) were the ones that gave the least amount of votes in the last election and that's scary because we are literally the future and to find that half of us don't care about that is terrifying.  Also one of my fave Youtubers Hannah Whitton made an amazingly informative video about voting and why we should do it and things and it's very articulate and knowledgeable, so go give it a watch and then register to vote and help decide the fate of the country, no biggy or anything. YES IT IS IT'S VERY IMPORTANT.  

Pins Galore _______________________________________________________________________

This week I won a giveaway! Yes people actually win these things, it was a wonderful giveaway on Bethany's blog of some special addition Punky Pins created by the amazing Mel Stringer. I won the whole collection and I am deeply in love with every one of them, I have pinned my favourites to my brand spanking new heavy weight denim jacket and I look hella' fine I must say. Thank you so much Bethany, I know it was a random giveaway and therefore you didn't choose the winner but I still feel so grateful and it didn't half brighten up my week!

Ecosia ___________________________________________________________________________

It was world earth day this week and I spent my day scrolling through incredible, inspirational blog posts about how we can be better for the planet. I came across this post on Grace's blog which introduced me to Ecosia the search engine that literally plants trees when you search for things, what?! I'm ashamed to say I was quite sceptical at first but after doing research and looking at how it actually works, it's such a good idea and such a simple and cool project. It's so easy to download and is attached to Crome so it's not like you get shit results when you search for things and it's so aesthetically pleasing counting all those trees!

Listening to // Paramore - Hard Times ________________________________________________

This bloody song! The first time I heard it I thought they had gone mad and then it got to the chorus and I haven't had it out of my head since. I love this new, 'quirky' side to Paramore,like many people they have been one of my favourite bands since I was about 13 and I am so happy they are back and have this new sound. My boo Emily rang me the other day and exclaimed 'Paramore love a cow bell' and she is not wrong, Paramore do love a cow bell!

How was your Monday?


  1. I love your jean jacket! The pins you have on are the cutest - I've always wanted to do that to my denim jacket but I live in Southern California so the chances of me even wearing my denim jacket are slim to none, haha.

    Also, is that a new song from Paramore? I didn't even know they were still around!!

    cabin twenty-four

    1. Aw thank you it was such a bargain! You could do the same with a denim shirt, they're much lighter, but still have the same look. And yeah it is, they're back, they released an album about 3 years ago but yeah they've been away for a while.

  2. I'm so glad that you love the pins! And you're more than welcome, I'm happy they went to a loving home haha!

    Bethany | Curly and Wordy

    1. Honestly they're so great, I've had so many compliments about them!