Treasure Hunt | March

Friday, 7 April 2017

It's a bit of a mixture this month pals, here are the tresures I have collected in March:

Hunger 12 ________________________________________________________________________

One of my best friends works at this magazine as a fashion editior and to support him I bought the latest issue. I love it, it's so thick(hello) and a really different take on high fashion and the shoots are amazing. I'm so proud of Stevie, this will forever be on my coffee table! (when I have one)

Lidl Candied Pineapple ____________________________________________________________

My mum got me these on a whim because she noticed they were vegan and now I just can't get enough they're so yummy! They're just the right amount and sweet and the pineapple is so nice and they're just perfect little bites to have in the evening or, if you're like me; subconciously munch through a whole packet! But it's fruit though so it's fine, right?

Pixi Glow Tonic ___________________________________________________________________

After a few months off the pill my skin kind of went to shit. It became really dry with big pores and hormonal spots and my Lush gentle toner water wasn't cutting it anymore. I've heard of the brand Pixi and the fact it is cruelty free and after some research, thought it was the best choice. I only bought the 10mm to try it out, but I will definitely be purchasing the big one, it's so great for my skin. I use it after I've taken all my make up off in the evening and before I put my moisturiser on in the morning, it sinks into my skin so fast and just adds like this extra layer of smoothness and glow, no wonder it's called glow tonic! I have actually had compiments from people after using this telling me how nice my skin looks so win, win! It also smells really nice and natural, kind of like grass and moss, like you're rubbing moss on your face with a cotton pad, nice. 

Banks // The Altar Vinyl ____________________________________________________________

Not to be dramatic or anything but this album has basically helped me get through these last couple of months, I owe so much to this album. And so,  I decided to buy it on vinyl, I'm very particular when it comes to vinyl purchases and an album really needs to affect me in some way in order for me to purchase it at full price. This was my break up album and every song means something to me, it makes me feel badass when I need it and it makes me cry, the lyrics relate so strongly to my situation it's quite scary, it's basically about breaking up with someone and trying to remain friends. I owe so much to Jillian Rose Banks and her magical music. 

Mr Robot_________________________________________________________________________

I'm halfway through season 2 now and everytime I watch it a get a little more obsessed. It was slow to begin with but now I'm hooked. It reminds me so much of Fight Club with the whole inner monologue thing and the plot twists and even down to the colour palette. I also like now that there's some more strong woman characters. It's dramatic and it makes you think and it's actually scarily close to what could happen in the future, Google's watching us all!

What's your favourite treasure?


  1. I really need to buy Glow Tonic again, I love that stuff! And ummm hello vegan treats, I need to find me some of that pineapple!

    Grace | eat, write + explore x

    1. It's sooo good I was so surprised at the difference it made! And omg honestly it's amazing, I'm sure there would be a way of making it. If you invent a recipe hit me up I'm all for that!

  2. Banks album is soo good. I love her as an artist and I stand by her music. If I were to ever get a record player, The Altar would definitely be on the list of vinyls I need to buy!

    Kathlyn | Kathlyn's Korner

    1. She's amazing isn't she! It sounds so great on vinyl honestly.