A Day in the Sun

Saturday, 27 May 2017

Seems as I'm currently trying to pack 3 years worth of stuff into a suitcase. I thought I would show you some photos from the other day when I wasn't stressed and crying in a pile of clothes and non-descript junk. My friend Charlotte and I decided to go and spend our day off in the park, we had a posh M&S picnic, sun bathed, read NME and listened to Mac Demarco.  Although I am a milk bottle and a predominantly winter person I do love this kind of weather in little chunks with a big help from factor 1000 sun cream that is. I can just about do a whole afternoon in the sun without my brain melting, which will be good practice for when I go to Italy this year! We also had a barbecue on this day as well, although it was slightly traumatising almost setting my yard on fire and burning our retinas, it was still a wonderful day and a nice way to say goodbye to my Uni pals until graduation.

How do you spend sunny days?


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