A Not So Blue Monday

Monday, 29 May 2017

Hello pals! It's been a horrible week for the world and a funny ol' week for me too. I was racked with guilt and anxiety whether I should continue blogging in light of the horrible tragedy in Manchester, but after some thought, if you don't carry on it means evil and negativity has won. It's so wonderful to see the Northern community of England come together and the rest of the world as well and my heart was warmed by all the people that just have wonderful and good hearts and helped out all they could. The taxi drivers that helped victims get home, the homeless people who didn't think twice about helping out and all the Manchester residents and hotels that opened their doors for the victims. It's a horrible, horrible thing that happened and I think it should be acknowledged and I have been sending all of my thoughts and best wishes to the families and people involved, but as I've said before we've just got to carry on. And even if these silly, stupid blogposts on a Monday make one person smile, then my job is done.

This week has been filled with relaxing in the MEGA HOT sun and packing 3 years worth of my life into 2 suitcases. I had my last gig in Carlisle, finished my last shift at work and I am now home for a little bit before taking the journey down south to live with my boo Emily for a whole month and I am so darn excited! Here are the things that have made me particularly happy this week:

Sun _____________________________________________________________________________

As a predominantly autumn and winter person I was surprised that I spent a whole day in the red hot sun, maxing and relaxing and I didn't complain about the heat once. It was actually really nice to see this huge change in weather and the mood of the people change and all the pretty flowers and wearing my nice summer outfit for the first time this year. We also had a BBQ that was rather traumatising but the food did taste nice, I have found out though; that barbecues are not for me, too much effort and smoke in eyes, my poor, poor eyes. I love how the sun brings people together and it's been nice to see my friends before moving away for a little bit.

Line of Duty _____________________________________________________________________

My housemate and I started watching it this week and I'm already hooked. It's not perfect and there's a lot of dialog and weird zoomy in camera angles that make you think you're watching the office. But the premise of the program is very exciting and it's nice to see some strong woman characters that are not on the good side of the law. The plot lines are always interesting and although it might not be realistic, it's a good representation on the police and what they have to deal with on a sometimes daily basis. We need to finish it before I go, which probably means an almost all-nighter is imminent to get through all 3 seasons!

Hosting an Open Mic Night _________________________________________________________

On Friday I had the opportunity of being the host of my local open mic night. It was a wonderful experience and it's nice to know I have the confidence to not only sing in front of an audience but speak and actually crack a few jokes. It was a success with a good turn out, my friends came down; some of them heard me sing for the first time and it was nice to have a good gig with people I know before moving.

Listening to // Paramore (Still)_______________________________________________________

I didn't know this album would grow on me even more, but it has. I've been listening to it every day and it's really captured a time in my life where there's a lot of change. And it's the perfect kind of music for sunny days with edgy sad lyrics disguised in an upbeat track. Rose Coloured Boy has been my go-to 'get up' song because it's just so high energy. Seriously contemplating whether I need this album on vinyl.

Despite the state of the world, I hope you've been able to see the magic in your week as well, I wish you all the best. If you have been effected, take time to mourn and grieve, listen to your feelings and remember; love will always win. 

How was your Monday?


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