AM Routine

Friday, 12 May 2017

Since writing about my winter AM routine my mornings have changed quite drastically. I have now become a functioning human who gets up at a reasonable time and does work and writes blog posts and reads and I don't know what's happened either! I think it's the change of season and my circadian rhythm and all that. It's great, I'm not complaining I get so much more done and when I actually do leave the house I feel so much more refreshed and prepared for life.

07.00 - Arise from my morning slumber and take in the morning for a little bit. This shows me sitting in bed without my phone and just doing some breathing exercises. It helps ground me for the day ahead, I sometimes write in my diary as well, it's a nice way to start the day without phones and things (I told you I don't know who I am anymore). I also like to adorn my spring/summer pyjamas consisting of the cutest pyjama shorts.

07.30 - Scroll through Bloglovin', read some posts and comment on them and catch up on Youtube (nothing's changed there).

08.00 - Go downstairs and drink a pint of water and shower.

08.30 - Cut up a navel orange and eat whilst scrolling through social media. This is my summer breakfast and it's surprising how much one orange can fill you up for a whole morning. If I am more hungry though I tend to have a bit of granola and Alpo yogurt with some fruits.

09.00 - Leave bed and proceed to the desk where I do either some work or, especially this month ; write a blogpost or two.

09.30 - Pop on something to watch. At the moment it's Steven Universe, a perfect light hearted morning program. But sometimes I put a playlist or the radio on instead, or some lengthy Youtube videos I haven't had time to watch.

10.00 - Begin getting ready. Take your cute makeup bags that match your new lemon yellow aesthetic and decide what needs to happen with your face. I'm tending to go for quite a subtle make up look at the moment especially on my skin because my freckles have started to come through and that's very exciting and I want to show them off.

10.10 - Moisturise with Lush moisturiser and SPF (very important)

10.15 - Apply other make ups, I like to keep it simple with a little bit of highlight and then (if I can be arsed) some nice blended eye shadow. I've been enjoying pink at the moment, which is an unusual colour for me but I think it's nice for spring. At a photoshoot recently I got a compliment about my make up from a PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP ARTIST, she said she didn't need to do anything to my makeup because it was PERFECT, wat. I've also started curling my lashes like the professional that I am and I think it makes the world of difference, somedays I don't even put mascara on anymore.

Just a side note before we continue; I recently watched Bethany's video about her relationship with make up and whether we apply it for fun or to please society and hide our flaws. I put make up on mostly for fun, I enjoy this time of day so much, to just be with myself and my own thoughts and something I like to watch on the laptop or music. I think stroking various things on your face can be quite cathartic in a way and I just wanted to stress that this is why you should be doing it and if you feel an amount of pressure to cover your flaws in this weird stuff, you should maybe re-think why you take the time to apply it in the first place. Now lets continue:

11.00 - Do hair, tame hair, do whatever you can with it. It has its own sentience so just deal with it the best you can, it might be stubborn. Especially now you're growing out your fringe. I tend to run a straightener over it on the lightest heat, just to calm the curls and make them more droppy'? If that's a word, like when long curls drop down your back, I try and go for something like that. But apparently on this day I tied it up, it must have been too out of hand.

11.30 - Choose a cute outfit that reflects my mood and personality at the time. Probably either something black, grey or BRIGHT YELLOW because; lemon aesthetic. We went for grey today, like my soul.

12.00 - Pack bag, clean teeth and leave the house much later than probably intended. If you need to be anywhere, if not, go take a walk somewhere. Get yourself out of the house anyway, enjoy the outside. Then come back in and probably get back into bed, it's only a given pal.

I hope you enjoyed another slightly sarcastic. but more put together morning routine. Whenever I write these I have lots of fun, but I can't help thinking how stupid they are at the same time! 
Is your morning routine similar to mine?



  1. I love posts like this! I sometimes struggle to work out a routine for myself so it's always interesting to see what other people do.

    PS you're doing so well with BEDIM! xxx

    1. Aw, I'm glad they help you, I sometimes feel a bit silly writing them but if they help some people that's okay. And thank you so much! This week is a busy one for me so we'll have to see how it goes!

  2. I so enjoyed reading this haha! Sometimes it's the simple things! So jealous of your leisurely day, it sounds amazing. I don't wear anything on my skin except for translucent powder (all about the eyeliner instead) and my freckles are starting to show through too. I love them! Also love your citrus make up bags.

    1. Thank you! I wish I could just wear powder but my skin dries out too easily when I wear it without concealer and it's great isn't it? I love having freckles so much and thank you, they're helping with my new aesthetic!