Thursday, 4 May 2017

Since I now have an Honors degree in psychology, I kind of want to apply a little bit of that life to my blog and I think some of you may be interested in the psychology side, so I thought this month I'd give it a bash and slip in some subjects that I find interesting and important. Okay here we go, a dive into the rabbit hole, literally:

Dreams fascinate me, so much to the point that I write them all down in a dream journal. I love how something so magical-feeling and spiritual can have such scientific undertones. Because from a scientific perspective that's what dreams are; hallucinations that occur during REM sleep due to an overactive and bored brain. From a psychological perspective it suggests that dreams un-cover our deepest desires, good ol' Freud once said something along those lines and that a persons' dream can explain a lot about their thoughts and underlying behaviour. But before you start thinking about the weird dream you had last night involving Harry Potter or a colleague at work and comparing it to your life; there is a lot wrong with this theory. Freud for one was a bit of a drama queen and tended to run away with his theories on little evidence. His theories did however explain the kind of dreams where you wake up feeling incredibly motivated and inspired, this is due to a manifestation of your thoughts when you go to sleep, if you are worried about something and need to solve a problem, you are more likely to solve it in your sleep, most of the time. There are many other theories on dreams but, as always Freud got the closest to explaining exactly why we dream, although the results are quite disturbing, they are still pretty interesting and thought provoking and they obviously contain sex!

My dreams are like films. I have always been gifted with this incredible detail I can apply to my dreams and my mum has always been curious about this because her dreams don't tend to have a plot, things just occur and then she wakes up, so is the way we dream genetic? We would argue that it isn't. In 2015 I decided to start writing my dreams down and it was the best idea ever. No matter what time it is in the night once I wake up from another blockbuster dream I will write that fucker down in as much detail as possible. Some of them are hilarious and so, so weird. And some of them are just downright disturbing and scary. I suffer a lot with what I think are night terrors, to the point that I sometimes wake up screaming and sweating and have to call or text someone. Also when I was 15 I used to have this terrifying recurring dream every night for about a year, it was so particular to my fears at the time and so exclusive to my situation it used to fascinate me and terrify my in equal measure. From a psychological perspective I would probably say that this links heavily to my anxiety, but we wont go too far into that. I want to give you an example of the kind of shit I dream about and what I have written in this journal. Here is an entry from Sep 2016:

"Dreamt that we were in a dystopian universe and we were headed to a castle with a group of people including my supervisor from work and Justin Bieber. When we reached the entrance Justin went first and went into the hallway, we heard a gunshot and laughter...The truck from Mad Max pulled up and 3 armoured women and one man with a machine gun jumped out, I didn't know whether to shout for help because this is a universe where you trust no one...We met the Mad Max people and explained the situation, they said we could hide with them but now the castle was half safe again we decided to stay. They did stay for tea though."

Like what the actual fuck is that about?! RIP Justin I guess.

If you don't already keep a dream journal I would recommend it so highly. One it's hilarious to look back on sometimes and two it's a great way of keeping track of your moods and what you're worried or stressed about. In true Freudian fashion I do find that if I have been ruminating over something, it will appear in my dreams and if it is a big thing it will feature more than once every night. That's when I'm able to focus on it in reality and see why I'm dreaming about it so much, there's always a reason trust me. I'm partly with Freud on this one, don't ever deny or surpass your dreams they are so important and can explain a lot about your subconscious and your brain, especially your stress levels. Spiritual or not, or whether every part of your dream does have an underlying meaning; they are absolutely fascinating and sometimes bloody hilarious. I hope we got out of that castle in the end. 

What do you dream about?

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