Finishing Uni

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Today I handed in my last assignment and delivered my last presentation and I don't know how to feel. I'm feeling a mixture of nostalgia and relief. Uni was a big part of life and although at some points I hated it and didn't think I would get through it, I did and I learned a lot. 

Now I'm not talking about the masses of psychological theories and conditions I can list off by heart (although they are useful for a party trick) I'm talking life lessons here. My uni course taught me how to manage my time efficiently and become a much more organised person. It taught me not to leave things to the last minute, just in life in general. And the biggest thing it has taught me is to be sceptical of EVERYTHING, don't take anything at face value; be that newspaper articles, Google searches or fun facts that people tell you at parties, it's all LIES! But seriously, this course has told me to think critically and now when I read a newspaper or an article online, instead of believing it to be true, I educate myself and look for other sources. This I think is a very important life lesson and something that everyone should practice, especially for those pesky Facebook 'news' articles. It comes in very handy to wind up your friend who reads the Daily Mail and believes everything they say to be true, newsflash; it's not. 

As well as life lessons uni has caused me to think about my career and what I want out of life and right now I want a break from academia (thanks uni). I'm drained and if I write one more APA reference I swear I will go mad! This is why I've decided to take a gap year to just have a rest. I don't care if some individuals have called me 'lazy' and 'a typical millennial', uni is tiring and I need time away from things. Uni isn't for everyone, when people say that it's honestly very true. Many people I know dropped out in second or third year and you can find your own path in life without going to uni I'm sure. I don't like how schools focus so highly on going to uni and favourit-ise the kids that are choosing to go, well that's how it worked with my school anyway. 

So I have a psychology degree, whaaaaaat?! I did it and although I feel relieved, I feel apprehensive about the future. Uni was my safety blanket and now that's gone; along with my NUS card and my student identity, what am I meant to call myself in social situations? Or at the cinema?! Oh no! Full priced everything here we come! And although I know I will be  student again when I eventually go and do my Masters, I'm going to miss that form of identity and belonging and solidarity. It's time to be unleashed into the big bad world now and that's terrifying. Apart from my shitty gap year where I created this blog, I've always been in education. I'm going to have to make my own routine and take up another new project to fill time, I like to be busy, oh no. 

So that's it, the book is closed, literally; I never have to write another reference again (possibly). It's scary but it's exciting and I can now fully relax and get excited for summer and new projects. I can focus on this blog more and have actual free time and do more gigs. Although it's scary it's going to be great and I'm going to enjoy the ride regardless. 

Sorry for the slight existential crisis in the middle there. If you've left uni I'd love to know what you're doing with your spare time?


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