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Sunday, 28 May 2017

The other day I shared the kind of Youtube videos I like to watch in the morning. Today on this fine eve I share with you the channels that I like to wind down to at night. I like saving these kind of videos for the evening so I can savour them in a sleepy haze. This might sound strange to some but I have a lot of trouble winding down and watching these calming videos always helps me along the way to the land of nod and anything that will help me sleep right now is thoroughly appreciated. So here are the channels that do just that, I feel sleepy just naming them:

DoddleVloggle ____________________________________________________________________

As many of you know Dodie is queen of calming videos. Her ASMR style, soft microphone and breathy voice just instantly calms you and I tend to watch one or two of her videos once a night. It's fair to say that Dodie is one of my favourite Youtubers and I love how open she is about her life online and I am so pleased and proud for the amount of success and recognition she's getting at the moment. I think if I ever met her I'd have to be like 'YOU HELP ME SLEEP' is that creepy? Maybe not.

Conan Gray ______________________________________________________________________

I recently started watching Conan's videos after researching how to put together an art portfolio and stumbling across his channel. I watched all of his videos in 3 days and I fell in love with his aesthetic and his calming vlogs and music. He kind of shares the same soft aesthetic as Dodie and he's so bloody sweet I just want to hug him (I think that's creepy as well, oh God).

Lucy Moon _______________________________________________________________________

Another one of my faves, I'm a bit obsessed with Lucy's aesthetic and her editing style is very unique and I dig it so much. My favourite kind of videos she makes is her 168 hours series because they are so well edited and so calming. She has a way with words that I just adore and her cinematography and colour grading is beautiful.

A lil' bit shorted than my last list but I don't tend to watch a lot of Youtube at night because, sleep. I've also been enjoying Youtubers liveshows at the moment and kind of listen to them like podcasts while I'm drawing or taking off my makeup, so that's a thing as well. Dan Howell's are always wonderful to watch and listen to because he's very intellectual and I agree with a lot of the things that he talks about. If you have a hard time sleeping or winding down maybe give these videos a go. I hope you enjoyed my lil' list, you probably know who all of these people are already but I think they deserve praise and all the success in the world, some very talented individuals. 

What are your favourite mellow youtube channels? 


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