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Tuesday, 16 May 2017

I know I've been doing pretty well at May Everyday, but this week is very busy so prepare for short shit-post style blogposts, sorry! Normal, lengthy, deep blogposts will ensue after this week. 

You all know how much a love Pinterest, but when I spoke about it last time I was relatively new to it. And since then I have gathered some more pins and established many new pin boards, so I thought I'd introduce you to them:


thetic - During the last few months I've been having a bit of a crisis and to second that the crisis caused an internal identity crisis inside of me. So I turned to Pinterest to build up my aesthetic. This will sound really stupid to some people but it really comforted me gathering arty pictures in the colour palette that I love. I have had a little love affair with the colour yellow, or more specifically; the colour lemon. I don't know why this has changed so drastically, I think it's maybe the raincoat I bought last year but I used to hate yellow but now I'm really attracted to it. This pinboard contains pretty and pale pictures of things I like that make a lovely colour palette. Also some arty Ravenclaw style photos and a lot of flatlays of books and The 1975 albums, you're welcome. 

Growth - To carry on with the crisis, I decided to create a pinboard containing quotes and positive wording surrounding nature and plants. This pinboard calms me greatly and at the moment I feel like I am growing much more as a person than I have done in the past. I also love the pastel shades of this board and some of the quotes are quite unusual but incredibly helpful. This board contains a lot of Rupi Kaur; A LOT. 

Lads - I've been crushin' an awful lot recently. So I created a pinboard of my faves, made up of pretty photos of them. I hope this isn't too objectifying , I just like their faces. 

Style - I know I've written about this before but this is one of my favourite boards because clothes. I'm gradually making the transition into ethical fashion (more on that later I promise) and this board gives me inspiration for outfits I could create from charity shops. I'm currently going for the bag lady look, it's the new chic okay. 


Pinterest calms me and I know my boards are a bit silly but they help me a lot on bad days. They give me the inspiration I need to get out of bed and do things, even if that is just Matty Healy's face or a nice kitchen. I don't know how that works either, but it totally does. 

What do you like to pin?

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