Treasure Hunt | April

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

I promise that this months treasure hunt is not sponsored by Superdrug in anyway whatsoever. They're just killing it with their cruelty free stuff at the moment! Here are the treasures I have collected in April:

Superdrug Extracts Sweet Almond & Coconut Shampoo and Conditioner __________________

There I was in my favourite place Superdrug looking for my fave Palmers shampoo and conditioner combo, when I came across these that were half the price. I was also attracted to the very unusual bottles and the nice aesthetically pleasing design and then I smelled them, oh my goodness! They smell so bloody nice, I love coconut haircare products but the sweet almond just adds an  extra bit of luxury to it, especially the conditioner. They also make your hair so incredibly soft and frizz free and that's all I need really, for my hair to smell nice and be frizz free. I'm known for my coconut smelling hair so I'm so glad that I've found new products that are cruelty free, affordable and take care of my hair, it's a win win!

 Punky Pin Designed by Mel Stringer_________________________________________________

Last month I entered a giveaway over on curlyandwordy and I only went and bloody won it! I was given a set of special edition Punky Pins designed by the amazing illustrator Mel Stringer and I am in love with all of them but especially this one that just simply says 'love your body'. It's a simple but powerful message and I wear it with pride on my new heavy duty denim jacket that really should be on this treasure hunt but I thought there would just be too much denim!

Lush Scrubee Shower Body Butter___________________________________________________

This was part of a gift from my mum when she got me a care package this month because I was very stressed and in the middle of writing my dissertation, isn't she bloody great?! First of all this isn't vegan, it contains a lot of honey and I wouldn't be using it if it wasn't a gift but my mum didn't know and it would be such a waste to not use it so ethically I am doing the right thing in this situation and I get to have super soft skin and write about a cool product so. This is a very unusual product, it's made to be used in the shower but it's oil based. The first time I used this I was very confused and used it before applying shower gel and then was completely waterproof for the rest of my shower. Because it's oil based once you apply it, it creates this layer on your skin that the water just sits on top of so I would recommend applying your shower wash etc., then shaving and then applying it last just as you're about to jump out. What I love this product for though is how soft it makes your skin feel, honestly I stepped out feeling like a goddess, especially after shaving. It contains ground almonds and some kind of seed and acts as a scrub but it's not really harsh and once you've washed it off you it just leaves this soft layer of skin that lasts for about 2 days and it smells heavenly. It's also shaped like a cute bee and you don't half get a lot of product for the size of it, mines pretty small now and its head has fallen off but it did last me all month and it's still going strong. 

Essence Camouflage Concealer ______________________________________________________

I've done it! I've found my go-to cruelty free concealer, it only took me 2 years! It was right under my nose as well because we have an Essence stall at work and I didn't even think because I always thought Essence wouldn't be cruelty free because it was so cheap, what a terrible judgement to put on a company. After some research I found out they weren't and purchased it and I absolutely love it. It's the perfect shade for me and such a great dupe for the Collection one that I have used since I was like 14, it has just the right amount of coverage and I have been wearing this and only this for most of this month because my freckles have come through and I want to show them off. This is such a great and affordable cruelty free product and I will be repurchasing it for the foreseeable future!

Superdrug Bath and Shower Soaks ___________________________________________________

A week after buying the shampoo I went back to my current favourite store and had another little browse and came across these beauties. I was on a budget toward the end of this month (because I spent too much money on vintage clothing dammit) and couldn't afford my weekly bubble bar from Lush. So when I saw these for BOGOF I snaffled them up, after smelling them of course. I love the scent of them, I thought because they were quite cheap they wouldn't have a strongish smell but I was wrong! The strawberry and avo one, which I thought was a very unusual scent in the first place; smells like the L'Oreal kids no tears shampoo and I felt such a massive surge of nostalgia when I smelled it and immediately decided to buy it, it's perfect for a morning bath because it is so fresh. The coconut and mango one is much more luxurious and perfect for night time bubble baths. Speaking of bubbles, this stuff doesn't half create a lot of bubbles and although you do have to use a lot of product they're cheap as chips so it's not like using a whole £5.00 bath bomb all in one go which breaks my heart and hurts my soul. 

Vintage 'mom' Jeans _______________________________________________________________

This month I went to a vintage kilo sale and bought a lot of stuff because I've stopped shopping in highstreet stores (more on that later). I came across these jeans and tried them on in the tiny cube changing rooms they had at the event, it was literally just a pole and a curtain it was terrifying! But I was so sick of not trying jeans on and then them not fitting properly, I used to have major changing room anxiety. Anyway I tried these jeans on and it's like they were made for me, the waist fitted perfectly, they have just enough bagginess to be 'mom' jeans and they cut off at the ankle just where I want them to. I also bought this big black chunky belt and I love the pairing of this with a cute lil' band tee or cropped jumper. I feel like Winona Ryder in Stranger Things or Lindsay Weir in Freaks & Geeks and I bloody love it!

My Dissertation___________________________________________________________________

Yep, my dissertation is a treasure in this treasure hunt because I worked so bloody hard on it. I poured my soul into this piece of writing and when it came to the time I had to send it away to be judged I shed many a tear because it is my baby, a product of my thoughts and in my opinion; an important philosophical and scientific discovery (not bigging it up at all). I don't know how people that write actual books are able to just send it into the world like that to be judged, it must be terrifying! My dissertation isn't just a piece of writing for me (here we go) it represents the fact that I can complete anything no matter how hard it gets. In the middle of writing my dissertation my life went a little bit to shit  and I still fucking did it and completed it. It represents my stubbornness although sometimes a hindrance it was a huge help in this situation and I think my determination and absolute passion for the project I created shone through. I'm just really fucking proud of myself, I wrote a 16,000 word piece of writing that perfectly reflects my psychology degree, what the hell I have a psychology degree!


Yep, it's a bit stupid and false but it was the perfect form of escapism for us this month. If you've had a shit day you just stick this program on and watch the beautiful faces and stupid plot wash over you.  My friends and I have started having 'Riverdale nights' seems as the episodes only come out EVERY TWO WEEKS, what's that about?! Also it's beautifully shot and the colour grading is gorgeous. It reminds me a lot of HTGAWM and I miss that a lot so it's nice to find something else with the same level of over dramatisation to the point it's humorous when it shouldn't be. Also Cole Sprouse, need I say more?

A very bath based month this month, I must have taken a lot of baths I guess. Crisis baths probably. What's your favourite treasure?



  1. I love that you call these 'treasures' It makes everything seem even a bit more enchanting and enticing!

    I've been struggling to find an agreeable cruelty free concealer so I will defo give the Essence concealer a try. I love the Mel Stringer pins, they're so positive and powerful. When I have the £££ I'm considering buying some, especially the 'cute af juice' one.

    And congratulations on finishing your dissertation, it's such a big achievement, especially as you were going through a tough time!

    1. Aw thank you and yes definitely do, it's quite light weight but perfect for summer. And they're wonderful aren't they I love them! And thank you so much, it was quite a journey but I came out the end of it almost fully intact, thank you so much!

  2. Ah I’m gushing over your beautiful blog, I discovered it earlier in the week and hit the follow button straight away. It’s so nice to find such a fun and relatable cruelty-free blog, it’s given me some inspiration. I noticed in this particular post you have featured some Superdrug products which I’ve shared on my own blog. I love the smell of Superdrug’s Extracts coconut and almond hair range too, the Treat Me bath soak range is my new obsession, I recommend the rhubarb and custard one. I have the salted caramel one on my wish list too, I’m glad you are enjoying the range also! I really need to check out that concealer, it’s so hard to find a good cruelty-free option. Also what a cute post title, seems like you found some wonderful treasures! Best wishes. :-) xx

    Helen | Helen’s Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

    1. Oh wow thank you so much! And wow I didn't know there was a Rhubarb and custard one I'll have to give that a go. And yes! That concealer changed the game for me and it's only £2.50!

  3. Great post! the avocado and strawberry body soak sounds like it will smell heavenly! I need to get my hands on these!

    1. Thank you! It's so nice and refreshing and for a bath that's a rarity.