Treasure Hunt | May

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Although I didn't think I would have any treasures to show this month because I've been saving up for summer. I completely forgot it was my Birthday month, so I've gathered a few things I was gifted and a few things that I have picked up along the way for practicalities. Got quite a mixture this month, here are the treasures I have collected in May:

I Like it When You Sleep For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It // Vinyl_____________

This was one of my main Birthday presents from my mum and I was so emosh' and surprised over it because I didn't ask her, she just knew I needed this album in my life. I'm going to put it out there and say that this is my favourite album of all time, there I said it! It's the structure I think, it has perfect structure. The songs are placed within the album perfectly and the thread just flows so beautifully. This album has been out for a year now and I have listened to it probably over 100 times, I bring it our for every event because the songs are so diverse. I put it on when I'm sad, I put it on when I'm angry, at parties, when I'm happy, when I can't sleep. If I get married I'd love to come down the isle to ILIWYSFYASBYSUOI and I'm guaranteed I'll choose at least one song to be played at my funeral later down the line (morbid but true). So it was only a given that I needed this album on vinyl and my mum knew this and treated me to this absolute beauty. It contains two LP's because the album is so long and both records are clear in colour (that aesthetic though). And not to mention the artwork inside, it's just wonderful and being the fangirl that I am; probably the most precious thing I now own, sorry not sorry. This album will be with me for years to come and that's exciting.

New Sunglasses ___________________________________________________________________

Because I'm actually going abroad this summer and I've never actually owned some proper UV protected sunglasses. I usually only get them from vintage and charity shops and I mean they're well stylish but not very practical at all! I picked these up in TK Maxx this month and I can't for the life of me remember what brand they are, I'm so sorry! I know they have a red love heart on the side and I think it started with a B? Possibly Betty something? Nah I can't remember, dammit. They're great though and quite unusual, you can't see in the picture but they have these yellow reflective lenses that make me look like a fly but I dig it. It'll be nice to actually be able to see when the days are sunny especially when I'm wandering around Italy!

Doing It | Hannah Witton __________________________________________________________

I got this for my birthday from my boo Emily. She told me it was to help with all those 'indie boys'oh god. I've just finished it though and it was a very interesting, funny and helpful read. Hannah's writing style is very similar to her vlogging style; very chatty and down to earth. She is also very open and honest about her sex life and it makes you feel like you're just talking with a friend. It also contains a lot of very important information about consent, porn, un-healthy relationships and the LGBTQ+ community. It makes you think about the amount of sexual education we are taught in school and the amount that we actually need to know. It's ridiculous in my opinion how sex is taught in schools and this book is an accurate depiction of many of the things that we should be taught about. There are things in this book that I, a 22 year old woman still didn't know. Like the fact that men can have orgasms without ejaculating, like what?! It was just a brilliant and interesting read and I enjoyed it thoroughly, I say this a lot but; everyone should read this book! 

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner ___________________________________________________________

As a little treat to myself for finishing Uni, I decided to have a gander on the Debenhams website and found this adorable little pack of the Kat Von D tattoo liner and the Two Faced Better than Sex Mascara which I haven't tried yet. It's honestly the best eyeliner I've used and it literally stays on all day. Although it's quite difficult to apply because it is just so thin, but once you've found the nack it's fine. I tend to put it on before curling my lashes and waiting for it to dry fully which doesn't take long at all, you can apply it thinly and do a subtle look or you can go for it and do full on Amy Winehouse style, it's great for both. I need to get a larger one of these ASAP once this teeny tiny one has ran out. 

Sam Angl ________________________________________________________________________

Sam is my new favourite Youtuber. He has taken over Sammy Paul's PMS series and I just love his style and cinematography. He's currently at Uni meaning that his content is so relatable to me and he's hilarious also his silky montages are amazing and now he's got a drone it's even better! He recently visited the Lake District in his April episode and although I live near The Lakes and have seen most of it many times; he managed to capture it like I'd never seen it before and that is some real film making talent, making something so familiar look so different and uncovering it's beauty. He's just really talented and his personality and humour is contagious and his videos calm me, what more could you ask for from a new vlogger?

Girl Boss_________________________________________________________________________

My housemate and I just finished this series this month and we loved it! It was very clever and a great representation of women and comedy. Sophia, the main character is flawed and pretty self centred and it's nice to see a character in a TV show that is not this ideal perfect woman that does everything right first time. The way it's filmed is unusual and there are some very experimental shots that work rather well and add a little more depth to it. I'm excited for season 2 and because it is based on a true story about Nasty Gal as a company, I'm interested to see if they refer to all the problems and strange decisions she made regarding the business. Ru Paul's in it as well so that's always a win win.  It also gives me a lot of inspiration to carry on with this online thing and see where it can take me!

A nice mixture of things this month. 
What's your favourite treasure?



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