A Not So Blue Monday

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Hello pals! It's been a hot minute and I'm sorry about that. I completed May Everyday and then completely ran out of creative juice and needed a big ol' break from blogging. Not to mention that I've also moved house for a month and am currently residing in Northampton, so I've been exploring the area and spending quality time with friends and it's been wonderful! I'm back now though because I hate waking up with nothing to do, no projects to work on and nowhere to put all of this energy when everyone else is getting on with their lives during the day. I now have a lot of free time and am determined to use it. So now on this hot summers day with a glass of water at my side, on the terrace of my friend's house I am ready to start blogging again. It's not a Monday but that doesn't matter, so much has happened and I want to talk about them okay? Here are the things that have made me particularly happy this week:

Parklife 2017______________________________________________________________________

Lets get the big one out of the way first. This weekend Emily and I ventured to Manchester to annual young-person-rave/piss up that is Parklife. We applied to be volunteers in March and kind of forgot about it until that week dawned and we were like shit. After a debacle around voiunteer deposits and a spontaneous trip up to Manchester on my own (which I am very proud of myself for) we were ready to spend the weekend in a filthy field around equally filthy people. We arrived early, completed our 7 hour shift selling programs which; can I say is the easiest job I have ever done for a festival because if you situate yourself near the mainstage, you don't miss anything when you're on shift bingo. I got to see Japanese House, Ratboy and George Ezra whilst on shift and we also met some really nice people through volunteering, we were also allowed access to the backstage areas and I tried to catch many a glimpse of the Artists Village, just incase Matty Healy was just sat around drinking wine but alas. Speaking of Matty, The 1975 blew my mind and their gig was everything I wanted it to be and more, we even shared eye contact and a spiritual connection when they played Please be Naked and tears were just streaming down my face. I was such a mess, I knew I would be emotional; they're my favourite band and I've had a difficult few months and this was one of the things I was looking forward to. They played You and Robbers as well which killed me even more because they never normally play those songs live but in Matty's words 'seems as it's Manchester'. Because of the recent events in Manchester a tribute was given to the victims and emergency services and the people of Manchester who worked tirelessly on the 22nd of May which I thought was wonderful and I am so humbled to have been part of such a special and intimate experience. Manchester really is the best city and I definitely am thinking of popping over there more often. So I can now say I have seen The 1975 live, what?! And (oncoming dramatic statement) I think it changed my life, fuck they were magical! As well as seeing my dream band upclose I also got to experience a Stormzy gig, which was something else entirely. The tent he was playing in (yes tent) was jam packed and as soon as he started everyone went mental but the atmosphere was absolutely electric. He was so humble and pleased to have such a huge turnout and I enjoyed his set so much, even when he told us all to make 'the biggest moshpit in Manchester' which was quite an experience. I also got to see my sister Jess Glynn complete with a live band and choreography which was great and to end the weekend we were blessed with an incredibly strange yet intimate gig from Frank Ocean. It was unusual and slightly pretentious that doesn't normally work for a music festival but because it was Frank it was such a once in a lifetime thing that people didn't seem to mind. As a fan of Frank's music for a while I thoroughly enjoyed it and fan-girled everywhere, but I could imagine that if you weren't a longterm, hardcore fan you would be left a bit confused and a little bemused at his eccentricity, It was something different though. It's safe to say it was the best festival line-up I've ever seen, not the best festival; it was very drug and dance orientated and (like almost all festivals now) it was super expensive! But apart from that I think it might have been one of the best weekends of my life, I am now nursing multiple blisters, the beginnings of a cold and around 12 hours of sleep to catch up on, but was it worth it? Of course it bloody was, same time next year if the line-up's as perfect?

Emily's Art Show_________________________________________________________________

This week was so busy because it was also Em's end of year art show which she has worked so hard on. It was incredible and I am so proud of my talented best friend, she's really found her signature style and I know she's going to go far in her career. Just watch this space, you'll be seeing her illustrations all over soon! The show revolved around gender and feminism and what it means to be a millennial in today's society it had a pink theme and there were plants everywhere, it was like you just sliced Em's head open and her aesthetic came pouring out, it was beautiful. I'm going to ask her if I can put a picture up of her show, if she says yes just know that you are blessed because she is very discreet about her incredible talents and doesn't like to show off, that's why I have to show off for her! I'm so proud of my boo and everything she has worked hard for, the future is feminine and very, very pink.  

Settling In________________________________________________________________________

I have finally been able to properly settle into relaxation and having not much to do. After my dissertation all I wanted to do is lie in bed, watch films and eat crisps and I can now and that's so weird! I've unpacked my stuff now and I'm getting used to living with 6 other people, which is a huge difference to the one fellow housemate I was used to. It's just so nice though, to be surrounded by like minded, open people that are already calling me part of the family. There wouldn't be anyone else I'd want to relax with more. 

Listening to // Parklife 2017 Playlist __________________________________________________

The festival blues are real with this one. But this playlist consisting of the best tunes of all the artists that performed this weekend helped me get hyped for the festival and is helping me with my come down, not a literal comedown; unlike most of the ravers that were off their tits, my comedown's much more easier to deal with! I keep thinking about that 1975 gig though and feeling all the warm feels from the sweet, sweet mems, sigh. 

How was your Monday?


  1. Love your amazing post, the pictures are great, thank you for sharing, cannot wait for the next exiting post!!!