Treasure Hunt | June

Monday, 26 June 2017

First of all can we just appreciate my friend's rug, I needed to take photos against this before leaving, it's beautiful and I need one in my life. Next music festival I will definitely be making an investment! Here are the treasures I have collected over this month:

Lee Stafford Coco Loco Heat Protection Mist __________________________________________

This month I ran out of heat protective spray and with the weather being like it was in England at the time, I needed some more ASAP for my straw-like locks. My old heat defence spray did the job but dried out my hair in the long run, it was Superdrug's own and it was very cheap and I normally love SD products but not this one, ney. So I stumbled into Boots and suddenly became very overwhelmed by the amount of gloop you can put on your hair. I then noticed the Lee Stafford stand and remembered a friend once told me they were cruelty free. I had a quick Google and wola! A parent company that doesn't test on animals or sell in China! I found this one and was immediately drawn to the coconut and after a little spray and a smell I knew I needed this in my life and my hair. The smell is really summery and it lasts all day and protects my hair really well and I have definitely noticed a different in split ends and hair quality. I feel like this will definitely be my go-to heat defense in the summer. 

Crescent Moon Necklace ___________________________________________________________

This was a late Birthday present from my auntie from a tiny jewellery shop in Ireland apparently and I absolutely love it, it's so simple and I've been wearing it almost everyday. I think my auntie is convinced I'm a witch and she likes to fuel this aesthetic with beautiful items like this one. I'm not complaining, I am a witch after all so you know. 

Superdrug Body Butter - Coconut & Orchid ___________________________________________

When I moved down to Northampton, I quickly realised I had left my beloved Zoella body cream at home and I desperately needed something to rub into my skin after a bath (too much information?). I headed to my favourite place that is SD and found their own range and obviously I picked up the coconut one and it has fast become one of the best body butters I have used. It sinks in quickly, it smells glorious and the softness lasts all day and if you're feeling minging, don't worry the softness also lasts up to 3 days without a shower, ew (saying this from experience). The tub is also huge and it's so cheap for the amount you get, about half the price of a Bodyshop body butter and in my opinion a little bit better. 

Lush 'Don't Look At Me' Fresh Facemask_____________________________________________

It was that time again, time to get a new free face mask from Lush with my empty pots. I love this time of the year/month (depending on how many products I use) and this time I decided to go for the BRIGHT BLUE facemask in the corner that I had never seen before. The woman was telling me all these things about it and what I should actually get because of my sensitive skin but I didn't care, it was blue and I wanted it. Thankfully it has done wonders to my skin and I really like how exfoliating it is, also it smells like lemons, what more do you want? I like to use this twice a week as a full mask and also an exfoliator for problematic areas. It's so fresh and perfect for warm summer night pampering. 

Steven Universe___________________________________________________________________

I recently finished the first season of this show and oh my goodness I became so invested! This was meant to be my light hearted program, a program to watch when I was doing other things like sketching or doing my makeup. But as the plot thickens on this innocent and beautiful cartoon, the characters get more and more complex and there are more social and cultural issues thrown in, you find yourself glued to the screen with tears in your eyes. This show is so beautiful and pure and not just a kids cartoon, I also relate so much to Pearl it's unbelievable, she just wants the best for everybody guys, she's okay! I will be sure to carry on watching this show but I just wanted to write about it after season 1 blew my mind. If/when I have children this will be one of those programs I will force them to watch no matter what because I think it is so important and so pretty. 

I hope everyone's been surviving the heat this month. Maybe stay inside and watch Steven Universe instead? What's your favourite treasure?


  1. I had the Lee Stafford Hair Growth treatment and it was so good, I strongly recommend it. I love coconut scents and the protective spray sounds awesome.

    1. Ooo I might give that an try then. Me too it's my favourite scent for hair especially in summer.