A Not So Blue Monday

Monday, 16 October 2017

Hello pals! I've just come back from a gorgeous autumnal walk in the shadow of a bright red sun. The weather is so weird today, I hope everyone's staying safe and wrapping up warm! Here are the things that have made me particularly happy this week:

A Typical_________________________________________________________________________

I recently finished a second re-run of Bojack Horseman and needed an equally good series to watch. I checked out A Typical and was immediately hooked. My degree revolved around many studies of autism and it was a real breathe of fresh air to see that the show had done its research. It's not a voyeuristic look into autism which a lot of programs around this topic are, it's a warm, lighthearted program about family and how they deal with the struggles of autism, but also the wonderful times too. The only thing that gets on my nerves is the character of the mother, she's so frustrating. But nobody's perfect and this plot really explores that, I finished it within 4 days and am now looking for my next great show to binge, suggestions would be very well received.

Short-Bob Life____________________________________________________________________

This week I had my big haircut, I chopped 48 cm of my hair off to donate to The Little Princess Trust and I love it! I love having short hair already and it's only been a day. It's just so much easier, I haven't taken any proper pictures for insta yet though because it's still settling and has that 'just cut' look and my hairdresser did go a bit crazy with the layers which I'm not too keen over. I'm sure there will be proper photos to follow at some point when Em's had her way with the curling tongs!

New Yoga Mat_____________________________________________________________________

As you can from Louie's modelling skills, I have a new yoga mat and it has made my yoga routine much easier in the morning. I've been doing a 30 day yoga challenge, which you'll hear about in more detail soon. But I've been practising downward dog on my bedroom carpet because I left my old mat in my old house and I have to say it's pretty difficult. So I headed to Amazon and bought this wonderful new 'sunset' mat and Hatha in the morning is much more exciting (who am I?!)


The worlds most stupid, OTT drama is back and I'm so happy about it, but I also hate myself because of this. The first episode didn't disappoint; Cole Sprouse on a frigging motorbike! And my Thursdays have certainly improved, bring me more moody lighting and hair goals pretty please!

How was your Monday?


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