A Not So Blue Monday

Monday, 9 October 2017

Look at my precious lil' Frida Cahtlo, she's a lil' peach. Hello pals! This week has been filled with getting my life back on track, looking for jobs, booking some gigs, doing more yoga and thinking about the scary ol' future. I've had my time to relax and now I'm ready to adult again. Here are the things that have made me particularly happy this week:

Doctor Foster_____________________________________________________________________

I imagine everyone and their mums; literally, watched this series. And I don't blame everyone it was amazing. Don't worry I'm not going to spoil it but I just wanted to say that the tension mann, it was crazy! After watching Bakeoff as well which was pretty relaxing, to that. It's safe to say I needed a lie down. I like shows with antagonists and Doctor Foster definitely filled that box, everyone in that program is a dick and makes all the wrong decisions, you sometimes just want to grab them and shake them, but it makes for good drama. Just be prepared for your heart rate to go up. 

New Raincoat_____________________________________________________________________

It's that time of year again, the days when you don' know whether it's going to bucket down at any minute. So I bought a new yellow raincoat, I had to leave my old one in Sicily because I couldn't pack it and I couldn't wear it because 48 degree heat. It was getting a little old and worn as well, so when I got home I decided to buy another one. I found this wonderful one on Ebay and got into a bidding war and won, £15.00 plus delivery! That's so much cheaper than the ones you can get from Topshop for £50.00. If you use Ebay you'll know the feeling of winning a bid, it's amazing, a rush, addictive (I think I should stop bidding on things). Anyhow my new coat is wonderful and after finally picking it up from the post office after a lot of complications (stupid me sent it to my old address) I now own a new yellow raincoat, ready for the October weather, I'm sure you'll see a pic of it soon. 

Neo Yokio________________________________________________________________________

After finishing Bojack Horseman there was a hole I needed to fill. I found this quirky lil' Tv series and finished it all in a day, I might be wrong but I think it's not essentially an anime. It's a show created by Ezra Koenig; the singer from Vampire Weekend and it has loads of strange special guests in it like Richard Ayoade and Alexa Chung, plus Jude Law and Jaden Smith are the two main characters. The plot is crazy and quite hard to follow but it's visually very pleasing and beautiful and it kind of takes the piss out of an anime's construct and narrative and it's hella' meta. Very, very unusual but I really enjoyed it. 

    How was your Monday?



  1. ahhh i literally just started season 1 of doctor foster last night and am already 3 episodes in...i even woke up this morning early before work to watch! toootally on that bandwagon with you, girl!

    katie. xx lacoconoire.com

    1. Aww you'll fly through it and it'll be totally worth it!

  2. I am lusting over ALLLL the yellow raincoats at the moment - I just want to feel like Kimmy Schmidt! But they all seem so expensive, I think I'll have to head over to Ebay ...

    Steph - www.nourishmeblog.co.uk

    1. They have become a necessary piece of clothing for me now, honestly ebay and depop are your best bets!