Treasure Hunt | Summer & September

Sunday, 8 October 2017

Because I haven't done one of these in a really long time I thought I'd expand my treasure hunt to all of the summer. These treasures are a mixture of things that I collected whilst travelling and some I discovered when I came home. Here are the treasures I have collected over the summer:

Vintage 'Mom' Jeans _______________________________________________________________

I recently went to a vintage fair with one thing on my mind; I need new jeans. I looked from rail to rail but they were all either ripped (not a fan of distressed jeans) or blue, which I already owned. Then I found a stall called 'Ginger Vintage' and they had jeans of all types for only £10.00! I found these beauties, I love how unusual they are. They're black but have this strange, rough texture running through them making them look washed but they still look dark enough. They're also a little big so I can wear them with a chunky belt and tuck huge jumpers into them giving me the ultimate 'Barb' aesthetic, it's what I'm aiming for this autumn. I think the ultimate test in comfy jeans is when you don't feel like you need to change into your pyjamas as soon as you get through the door, they honestly feel like pyjamas themselves!

Beauty Kitchen 'Inspire Me' Hand & Body Lotion ______________________________________

My mum came home with this for me from Ireland and I've been using it as my main body lotion. It's packed with ingredients like shea butter, sweet almond oil, peppermint and lemongrass so it's super soft on the skin  and it smells amazing. It's just a great all round, simple moisturiser, perfect for day time and rushing out of the door after a shower. The smell lasts all day as well, it's almost like a 2in1 body spray, I've enjoyed catching this smell on me all day long!

Sun & Moon Ceramic Wall Hanging__________________________________________________

I picked this up on my trip to Sicily. In Ortigia where this is from, there is a huge focus on the moon, the people of Sicily like to celebrate the moon and the relationship it has with the sun, it runs deep into the island's history. And we all know how much I love the moon and feel connected to it, so I had to pick something up to remind me of that. These two now hang on my wall, watching over me and giving me the pleasure of reminiscing a wonderful adventure.  

Lush Optimist Highlighter Pigment___________________________________________________

In June Emily and I took a trip to London and obviously we had to visit the Oxford Street Lush store. I was relatively reserved because I was saving up for travelling at the time, but I did pick up this amazing highlighter. The shade is a perfect shimmery, spacey, magical light gold. It's so bright infact that I couldn't capture it's proper colouring on camera, but just know this is wonderful and it really brightens up my face and makes my cheekbones POP! It lasts all day and lets you shimmer your way through life with no cares in the world. 

Wooden Ikea Buddha Bowl__________________________________________________________

I've been looking for the perfect Buddha bowl for so long and when I took a trip to Ikea this summer I found it. It's just a simple round wooden bowl, but it's so d e e p. You can fit so many noodles in there and I don't know, it makes my food taste better. AM I WORTHY NOW INSTAGRAM?!

Ikea Mustard _____________________________________________________________________

Bit random but this mustard is the best. I've been putting it in everything, salad dressings, mashed potato; omg it ups the mashed potato game! Being vegan, anything that increases the flavour of your food gets a gold star and mustard is so versatile. I just love mustard okay?

Sophies World | Jostein Gaarder_____________________________________________________

I read this book whilst in Sicily and it was perfect for a ~soul-searching~ adventure. It's basically a book filled with A level philosophy lessons and it was really enjoyable for me to re-visit all of these theories. I've always loved philosophy and it would probably have been my second choice for uni. This book makes you think, so much. It makes you ponder over your tiny existence, but it's all through the eyes of a teenage girl. I kind of wish I'd read this earlier, but it was still inspiring and inquisitive. I've missed learning new things now uni's finished and being able to relax in Sicily and educate myself was just what I needed. If you're wanting to do some major ~soul-searching~ I would totally recommend this book. I might do a full review of it at some point.

Concrete & Gold | Foo Fighters _____________________________________________________

This months new favourite album. I've never really been a hardcore fan of the Foos. But after listening to this album I can see why people love them so much. It's such a great album, so heavy and upbeat. I watched the animation they made about the making of the album and you can tell that they had a more pop-led producer on this record. It achieves heavy riffs and catchy vocals at the same time. My favourite songs are; The Sky is a Neighbourhood, Run and Zero Hour, it's a great album for driving around the Lake District and/or cooking up a storm in the kitchen. Also the changeover between Tshirt and Run is to die for, I love perfect changeovers through tracks!

What's your favourite treasure?

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