A Not So Blue Monday

Monday, 6 November 2017

Hello pals! It's been a weird week this week. My friends and I are blaming it on this darn Scorpio moon, everything feels strange and out of alignment and I'm not a fan. Hopefully things will change soon. This week has been filled with re-runs of My Mad Fat Diary and trying to cope with this cabin fever that is slowly taking over my life; I start my new job soon though so it'll be fine. Here are the things that made me particularly happy this week:

Stranger Things II_________________________________________________________________

Like everyone and their cats I have been enjoying back-to-back Stranger Things this week and I finished it in three days after beginning it with style with friends and hummus on actual Halloween. I am now suffering from extreme Steve Harrington withdrawals. All I'm going to say is that character development was top notch, also the whole show was 10/10 absolutely amazing and the soundtrack man, it's just an all round great show. It gives me enough jump scares to feel on edge but also warms my heart with the character relationships and so much style inspiration, so much. 

Halloween Costume________________________________________________________________

This year I decided to go as my spirit animal; a deer. I had so much fun with this costume and the makeup was particularly amusing, I looked like I had been down a chimney until I added the details! I'm still trying to get the skin tone of my shoulders back to normal, I can only imagine that this is what fake tan feels like. Halloween in general was weird because I was back in my old student haunts but I'm not a student anymore and all my student fam weren't there. Still had a good dance to Ru Paul though, you've got to. 

Taylor Swift | The Making of Gorgeous _______________________________________________

As a person that writes a lot of songs and is always trying to improve them, a little sneak into one of my favourite and most successful song writer's process was really interesting. I've always been a fan of Taylor's song structure and seeing her move from one instrument to the next, sticking to the same structure was really inspirational. I also love how down-to-earth the clips are and that it literally takes her days to perfect a song and she's not this magical song-writing unicorn that can write a number 1 in seconds, which I thought she was and that I could never be. So thanks Tay Tay for that little bit of insight. 

How was your Monday?



  1. Steve! His character development might be my favourite in TV history. How could you help but fall in love with him? xx


    1. I know he's a brilliant, shows off the flaws and changeable ability of all humans, a really important character definitely!

  2. Really liked this post, the initial photo did it for me but then again, I am a sucker for a nice looking photo and a cat!


    1. Aww thank you so much, I try to feature a cat in every Monday post.