A Not So Blue Monday

Monday, 11 December 2017

Hello pals! Boy it's cold outside now, winter has definitely arrived bringing along frosty mornings and low sunrises, I've been enjoying the two equally on my way to work every morning. It makes cold hands and sleepy eyes feel worth it. Here are the things that have made me particularly happy this week:

Advent Calendar__________________________________________________________________

It's that time of year again, where us vegans are completely ostracised from society because we can't eat a tiny piece of chocolate daily. I'm joking of course; there's loads of dairy-free advent calendars to get your hands on these days. I however, am not the biggest fan of chocolate anyway, so my mum decided to treat me to a lovely candle advent calendar from my bae' Wilkos. Everyday is a different scented tea light and I am thoroughly enjoying coming home from work and basking in the warm glow of my daily, winter candle. Maybe I will spend a fortune on the Yankee candle one next year, who knows. 

The Good Place ___________________________________________________________________

I've recently been craving a sitcom style show to binge whilst doing other things. And instead of re-watching the complete series of New Girl from the beginning, I decided to try The Good Place, I've heard a lot about it from friends and social media and it definitely lived up. It's a very particular type of humour and it tickles me so much. Also the plot is actually quite deep once you've got past the first quirky few episodes. I'm on season two already after a week and I'm well and truly hooked to the concept of this show. If you're looking for something quite light-hearted and a bit zany to breeze through; this show might just be perfect. 

'The One's That Got Away' Playlist__________________________________________________

Spotify recently advised me on their 'wrap up of the year' function. Based on the site's algorithm it tells you what songs you have been listening to the most as well as artists and genres and number of plays. Mine was not surprising; The 1975, Fleetwood Mac, Lorde etc. (you can probably guess). But along with this, they constructed a playlist of music that they think I should have listened to, based on these results and oh my goodness! Every song I have been played, I have added to another playlist. It's quite creepy how well Spotify knows my taste in music and what I would like but also so helpful. It has allowed me to discover new artists and I'm always thankful for that. Also I seemed to listen to a lot of sad songs in 2017 hmm? 


How was your Monday?

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