A Not So Blue Monday

Monday, 8 January 2018

Hello pals, it's been a hot minute! After working hard as an elf for the whole of December I needed a well earned rest and that's exactly where I've been. Catching up with friends and drinking plenty of alcohol and peppermint tea in equal measure. But now I'm back and ready to stick to a proper blogging schedule again. I have a new diary (although it's tiny) and I'm starting to get into a routine again starting with yoga in the morning and planning my day at a reasonable time; before it starts to get dark. January is a bit of a waiting game for me and therefore I have a lot of free time, so expect regular posts to start soon, I have much to say and although I am trying to focus more on music, I have missed writing. So I'm going to try and balance the two, starting this week. A good, old fashioned Monday post to start 2018, here are the things that have made me particularly happy this week:


I went to see it with a new edition to the fandom. My best friend Emily hadn't seen the most recent films, but after watching The Force Awakens she caught the Starwars bug and we decided to go and see the new one on the big screen. Although I have a lot of questions (no spoilers here dw) I did have fun and that sense of nostalgia that these most recent films do so well at; remained there. It was also so interesting to see Skellig Michael being on screen because I have visited that island and it is as isolating and remote as it is seen on the film, although there are no Porgs..unfortunately. Kylo Ren is still my favourite character though, what can I say? The darkside calls me. 

Sampler _________________________________________________________________________

I got an AKAI MPX8 sampler for Christmas, what is that you may ask? It's something used in music as a means of digital percussion, or a way to add background and noise filters to songs. I've been having so much fun with it this week and although it's quite tricky to master, I'm excited about how much it's going to give to my music and what I can do with it. At the moment I'm just having fun recording my cat making weird noises and using them as a beat, it's the new sound of 2018!

The Crown_______________________________________________________________________

So while I've been hibernating, what have I been up to? Well, for the first week of January you would find me snuggled under a blanket watching The Crown. I got through the first season in 2 days, pretty impressive and I'm now onto season 2. Now I'm no royalist, far from it. But I do have a strange fascination with the royal family and how they negotiate through life. The Crown; although dramatised is quite close to the truth -after a gander on wikipedia- and I now have a new found respect for The Queen and her fam', especially Princess Margaret, she went through so much shit man.  Who knew a series on Netflix could give me such a history lesson. 

Golden Globes Oprah Speech_______________________________________________________

I was lying in bed this morning scrolling through twitter and found this clip of Oprah Winfrey's speech at The Golden Globes. Nine minutes later I found myself streaming with tears and a warmth in my heart for all women everywhere that things are going to change. It was so powerful and the perfect thing to wake up to, if you haven't taken the time to watch it, please do it'll make your day and your life better:


How was your Monday?


  1. Oprah's speech gave me tingles! I just saw the newest Star Wars on Sunday and I binge watched the Crown before Christmas. Love them all! x


    1. Awh it seems like you had a very similar week to me, aren't they all amazing!

  2. Sounds good. I hope you have a wonderful rest of your week.

  3. I still haven't seen the 2nd season of the crown, I feel like I'm really missing out!
    Vanessa x | www.springlilies.com

    1. Omg it's so good, much more focused on the family rather than historical events and things.