A Not So Blue Monday

Monday, 19 February 2018

Hello pals! I've been very busy with the music this week but I'm so happy I'm still finding time to blog. There are many posts that I'm wanting to write that aren't just Monday posts but they require a lot more effort y'know, but watch this space, exciting things are happening at the moment! Here are the things that have made me particularly happy this week: 

Everything Sucks __________________________________________________________________

No that isn't just a casual statement from me bout' life; this is the new tv series I've been watching on Netflix. I think it's only been out for a week, but I appear to have binge watched almost all of it already. The show is set in a 90's American highschool and follows a group of nerdy kids and their hilarious and cringey endeavours and there are also enough pop culture references to challenge Stranger Things. It's just very feelgood and an easy  watch for late evenings, the characters are so warming and relatable, especially the adults in the show, I just want to give them all a hug. Also if I was in a highschool I would totally be in the AV club, drama club is too high maintenance for me man. 

Winter Olympics__________________________________________________________________

My mum and I have been enjoying sitting down each evening and watching people hurl themselves around in the snow. There's something more exciting about the winter olympics I feel, maybe it's the added risk to it all or just the fact that everything is white and the aesthetic is  s t r o n g. I myself have been thoroughly enjoying the ice skating and you know how influenced I get by things? Well I now want to be a professional figure skater, so there's that -I don't think a 5ft7 giraffe would do well on ice really but she can dream- Also it really makes me want to take off and go on a skiing holiday, everyone's sat here ready for summer and I'm having visions of icy tundras and hot chocolates and I believe the olympics is partly to blame for this! Oh well I'll have to wait another 4 years soon enough, so I better enjoy it now! 

Ready Player One__________________________________________________________________

My good friend Tom leant me this book the other day and I have only just started reading it (sorry Tom) I'm on chapter 2 now but I already know that I'm going to love this book. It's got everything I love: post-dystopia, 80's pop culture and caravans. I'm hoping I can get through this book just in time for the film release and then I can really wrap myself up into this universe and hopefully enjoy a really good comparison to the novel and the film plot. So far it's amazingly written and so immersive, I'm sure there will be a full review here soon, at some point, maybe. 

How was your Monday?


  1. Your cat is so cute!

    1. Awww he really is! He's the light of my life ✨