Treasure Hunt | January

Sunday, 11 February 2018

It's a new year, so here's a new treasure hunt! This is a lil' mixture of items I was gifted at Christmas or picked up for myself in January because.. treats r good:

Alexander McQueen Eua De Parfum _________________________________________________

I've been ogling over this perfume for a while now, I think it's something about the ultra sophisticated smell that attracted me to it, or maybe because its McQueen and cruelty free. My mum knew this fact and decided to sneakily buy this for me at Christmas time, which was naughty because it is pretty expensive! I have worn it almost everyday since and it is now becoming my signature scent, it makes me feel sexy when I go out and sophisticated when I stay in, even if I'm just lying around in my pyjamas, McQueen just has that effect on people I guess. The main scent is floral, but there are also musky vanilla notes that break up the strength of the flowers. I wouldn't say it's to everybody's taste and it is pretty powerful but I think it's a great scent for winter and only one spray can last for the whole day so it is worth the money. This scent would be perfect to pair with a cute lil' black bralet and briefs and not much else -oooerr how demure- 

Glossier | Milky Jelly Cleanser _______________________________________________________

I finally bit the bullet and after my beloved 9to5 Lush cleanser ran out, I decided to order this cult beauty favourite. Can I just say the Glossier website and branding is so on point, this cleanser arrived with a scratch and sniff sticker and the box was so cool, anyway; this stuff is amazing! I've been applying it for 2 months now everyday to take off my makeup and it just breaks up the makeup and makes it vanish, you don't have to scrub vigorously or apply a tonne of it, infact I only use one squirt of this on my hand and it's enough to take off all of my base makeup and liquid eyeliner, that's impressive! I also like to rub it all over my face before a bath or a shower and let the water naturally wash it off. It leaves your skin so soft and although I have had some spots, they don't last as long as they normally do and I can't see any sign of blemish scars. I am definitely a new-found fan of the Glossier brand and will definitely either be re-purchasing this or trying out some new products from them in the future. 

Lush | Sleepy Body Lotion___________________________________________________________

We all know I don't have the best relationship with sleep, hell whilst writing this it's just gone 2am! But when I was employed over Christmas, my night owl ways needed to be halted and replaced with early morning get ups and 10 hour shifts. So I purchased this body lotion because I've been told it's actually helped people with actual diagnosed insomnia? That's crazy! I myself have been enjoying applying it after a warming candle-lit bath and I must say this stuff has knocked me out, multiple times. Now I don't know if that's exhaustion from work or this body lotion's hidden supernatural powers, but the gentle smell of lavender and oatmeal is all I seem to need on my skin to make me sleep for 8 hours. My favourite way to experience this product is coming in from a tiring day, running a bath, candles, book, the lot; applying this to damp skin, clean teeth, clean pyjamas pressing against just-shaven legs, new bedding.. I'm sorry I couldn't finish this sentence I must have fallen asleep, oops.

Vegan Bakery | Sweet Crunchies _____________________________________________________

I got these sent to me in the latest Goodness Project box and oh my have they changed the vegan biscuit game for the better! I decided to open them and eat one and then a day later, they were all gone. Maybe it's the subtle vanilla flavor, or the light sprinkling of coconut sugar on the top of each biscuit which makes them so moreish, or the adorable flower shape they come in which makes them so easy to just pop into your mouth and.. oh wait they've all gone. I'm going to have order more of these online because I swear to goodness -see what I did there- they have changed my life!

Magic Organic Apothecary | Aphrodite Facial Oil ______________________________________

After discovering this brand at a local shop not so long ago, my mum kindly gifted me this facial oil from the same company. I'm just in love with the packaging and had to include the cardboard container in the photo. I've never really used facial oil before, but this one infused with rose hip oil is very luxurious and perfect for controlling that red, dry skin that comes with winter weather. It's also been great at keeping the dreaded thread veins and red complexion at bay. It smells amazing as well, all botanical and natural and not greasy in the slightest. I love this brand and it's use of the yarrow root in all of their products which helps with scarring. I've been using the MOA Green Balm for 3 months now and it's really making a difference to the scarring on my legs. Go and check MOA out and get yourself some beautifully packaged, cruelty free, yarrow infused goodness! 

Honourable Mentions  ______________________________________________________________

- £2 old man cardigan from Salvation Army - I've worn it nearly everyday this month. 
- New PA system - I can create my own sound at gigs now (please book me)
- New house plant Phillip - He's a good ol' boy. 
- Witch cat duvet cover - Finally a duvet cover that reflects my personality. 
- The Crown - Princess Margaret is da best. 

What treasures have you found this month?

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