A Not So Blue Monday

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Hello pals! Wow I can't believe it's Wednesday already and I haven't managed to get this post up, although I do have a valid excuse. Editing videos is hard man, takes up a lot of time and effort but I'm so pleased I've posted my second video on my youtube channel now, phew. Also it was my mums birthday this week and I've been savouring a well needed catch up with friends. But now it's time to get back to this week and before I can do that, lets talk about the one that just passed. Here are the things that have made me particularly happy this week:

Snow Day_________________________________________________________________________

So on Tuesday, the UK woke up to a mysterious white substance covering the whole of the country, no it wasn't an alien invasion -although some people made it seem like one- It snowed a lottle', which meant that the UK came to a standby and there was no bread left in the supermarkets. I couldn't go to work because all the buses had stopped and we could just barely get up the drive! So I enjoyed my day filming and relaxing and doing not a lot because I thought, if the universe is giving us a sign to slow down, I'm fo' sho' gonna take it! Also everything looked so pretty and I was desperate to take my camera outside -I was even thinking of filming a cover in the snow- but alas it was just too cold for my little handies and after our neighbours horse escaped and I spent my evening running around a stable in the freezing cold, I wasn't up to a snow-photoshoot surprisingly. Ahh country living!

Queer Eye________________________________________________________________________

So while the UK came to a stand still, Netflix provided us with a gift, in the shape of 5 fabulous men and their TV show. I am obsessed with this program. Don't get me wrong it's not perfect and I have read some things (mostly on twitter) about the lack of inclusivity and all this; but can we talk about the good things about this program for a second. It deconstructs prejudices on both sides and that is difficult to do, especially in a reality show with this kind of structure. It also views men as vulnerable and does not hide the fact they have feelings, basically the whole program is about those feels! It's just an all round well thought together program, that doesn't patronise the participants -like Gok or Trinny and Susanna remember them?- but it allows them to find confidence in themselves by only doing the bare minimum thing to start their journey. I just love it and it's the perfect feel-good show the world needs right now. A bit more inclusivity would be great though pals. Also I haven't cried at it yet and I only have to two more episodes to go, am I human, am I a monster?

The Assasination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story ______________________________

I found out that Ryan Murphy's new drama is being shown on BBC 2 this year and me and mum sat down to watch it and oh my god it's amazing! Now I haven't seen the The People vs OJ Simpson but I imagine it's very similar because as always he loves to use similar casting and crew etc. I was immediately hooked to the storyline and Darren Criss plays the main character splendidly, with just the right amount of subtle madness. Now, as always I do watch things with my psychology head on and I have noticed that Murphy's productions (American Horror Story) do not help with the breaking down the stigma of mental illness, he does like to use it as an accessory to tell a story and on the way, demonises the characters struggling with it. But it all comes down to this argument again of the value of entertainment, but I do understand that this is based on real events and dramatising it this way could be damaging. I've only seen the first episode, maybe it'll get better in that retrospect but for anyone who has seen the latest AHS I'm not sure. This is my new favourite TV show though, the first episode was explosive and I am already in love with the high fashion aesthetic-meets real world gore and reality. And I've just realised the second episode will be aired tonight, if you haven't watched it yet, catch up on demand, if you're a fan of AHS or you just love a crime story, you wont be disappointed!

All the Films ______________________________________________________________________

I have recently had the pleasure of watching sooo many films. Almost all the Oscar nominations have been watched. And although I'm going to do another tiny reviews post soon, I'll just say that a lot of these films have now hurtled their way up to my list of top-ten favourite films of all time, good going. There are just a lot of talented people around at the moment, telling amazing, important stories. 

How was your Monday? -we're pretending it's not Wednesday-


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