February | Two of Pentacles

Saturday, 24 March 2018

Let's see what the stars had planned for February, compared to what actually happened shall we:

(definitions are taken from The Wild Unknown Tarot Guidebook by Kim Krans)

Two of Pentacles___________________________________________________________________

Balance, Change 

The two of pentacles signifies inevitable change. Since the pentacles suit relates to earthly possession, this usually means a new job or financial situation or a move. Even if you fear this change, it needs to happen and might even be fun. Face it with the grace of a newly formed butterfly... a world of possibilities balanced upon your delicate wings.  


So this month has been very job focused. I started my new job in late January and I've been spending this month settling in and also trying to balance it with socialisation and music. Turns out playing music until 4am and having to work at 9am just doesn't really work. But I've found that out now and I'm really enjoying my job and the work/life balance that this month has allowed me to experiment with. Regarding change; a lot has happened, that is quite personal to me and imma keep it that way for now, but I am so happy at the moment and sure, why not, I feel like a butterfly, of some sorts. I do feel like I can do anything right now or go anywhere and that's a really cool feeling to have and February has definitely cemented that. So once again, the cards were right! I already have an idea of what March will bring and I'm hypedddd.

 How was your February?

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